New Women's Day Healing Childlike Dream Flying Hot Air Balloon Charm (long and short dual-purpose necklace and small bead chain)

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Prayer Garden Prayer Ornaments|Hand-painted Enamel|Healing Childlike|Hot Air Balloon Charm for Flying Dreams|Long and Short Necklace



New Women's Day Healing Childlike Dream Flying Hot Air Balloon Charm (long and short dual-purpose necklace and small bead chain)

商品説明 🌹 Spring new products|Ladies’ Day new products|Special 20% off 🌹 Brand: Juicy Grape 🙏Pray: I really want to fly! Stay elegant even when sprinting "Travel" allows us to meet new people and new situations in the real world, Even if the expedition outside the comfort zone is not always smooth, sometimes you may feel hesitant and overwhelmed due to unexpected situations, such as lost luggage, the flight is grounded due to weather, or you are trapped while driving in the snow. In Xuekeng, various events happened to keep the mind "flexible" and constantly challenge our "habits" and "stability." Although there are occasional thrills, if there is one thing that can attract travelers of all ages, then it must be creating memories. Design: 3D three-dimensional outline, mini colorful hot air balloon, with elastic opening and closing buckle, rainbow bird hidden inside Process: It is made of hand-painted enamel, which is not easy to fall off and oxidize. It is baked at low temperature or air-dried to form a colorful glaze, with gloss and texture like gems Material: naked light jewelry: alloy plated with 18k gold and silver. Size: Attached with a pendant chain and a long chain, which can be used as a necklace. The length of the chain can be adjusted, up to 70cm, to meet the needs of different lengths **Precautions** 1. Please avoid direct contact with water when wearing jewelry, soaking in hot springs, swimming, sports, and spraying perfume, etc., because it may cause discoloration or fading of the jewelry; after wearing, you can wipe the jewelry with a smooth cloth and put it in a sealed bag or box. The jewelry is isolated from the air, which can keep the jewelry in good condition. "Silver-wiping cloth" is specially used to wipe sterling silver jewelry. Never use "silver-wiping cloth" to wipe "hand-painted enamel, K-gold or silver-plated alloy jewelry", otherwise the colorful glaze of the jewelry will be wiped off. Light ~ This will lose the dazzling luster! 2. Earring products are personal hygiene products. If the products are opened, they cannot be returned. 3. The returned product must be in a brand new state and fully packaged (keep the returned product, inner and outer packaging, gifts, etc. intact). 4. If you want to return the product, please return it in the original packaging, including the intact and undamaged outer box, product, wrapping paper, catalog, tag, gifts, etc. If the original outer box has been lost, please use a carton to wrap the original packaging of the product In addition, do not directly paste paper or write words on the original packaging for sending. If all the items in the original box are damaged or lost, returns will not be accepted. 5. If there are stains, wear, odor, or incomplete accessories, we will not accept returns. 6. Due to computer resolution and screen problems, there will be color differences, and the actual product received shall prevail.


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