Sister gift limited nostalgic beaded tassel earrings optional 2 pure silver ear clip ear clips OK blessing bag

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Thanks to Aki who likes Vintage things like Aki. The old times are full of retro-flavored beading, and the hand-made tassels with complex wires are full of nostalgic and lovely taste. The blessing of the blessings is carried out with "Weekly" and


Silent Moment

Silent Moment ショップへ

Sister gift limited nostalgic beaded tassel earrings optional 2 pure silver ear clip ear clips OK blessing bag


Like vintage style and slender things.
The complex wire matching, carefully selected vintage beads with unique shape and beautiful color, is the focus of Aki's tassel earrings.
Product desciption
Choose two tassel earrings, one for the intimate one, one for the close friends; or with the friends to buy a limited blessing bag discount, this is thanks to Aki who likes Vintage's little things. ^^

* Please list the selected styles in the "Selection Bar".
* Blessing bag discount until October 15th.
* There are only a small number of vintage beads, can not be returned after the sale, have a chance to meet, please cherish, do not hesitate, don't miss it.
* All ear hooks can be replaced with ear clips.
Vintage bead : Translucent, semi-pink glass beads (Germany), irregular round, very unique.
Tassel: Set pink, pink blue, pink purple, pink yellow, milk white, color light and silver in one, cotton blended silver wire, Japanese, French wire, some wire is uneven and thick, add fun.
Size: Full length about 5cm (without ear hook)
Vintage bead : Translucent, semi-light pink glass beads (Germany), multi-faceted round shape, very cute.
Tassel: Sets pink, pink, pink, pink, milky white, colored light and silver in one. The cotton thread is mixed with silver wire. Some of the wires are uneven and add fun.
Size: Full length about 4.5cm (without ear hook)
Vintage bead : Three-dimensional flower-shaped beads (Germany), pure white, about 11mm, resin material, very cute.
Tassel: Set sea blue, dark blue, light gray purple, silver four colors, cotton line mixed silver wire, some wires are thick and uneven, add fun, about 4cm long.
Size: Full length about 5cm (without ear hook)
Vintage bead : Three-dimensional diamond, twisted glass beads (Germany), pure white, about 8mm, glass material, very nostalgic taste.
Tassel: Light gray blue, pink purple, silver three colors, cotton blended silver wire, Japanese and French wire, some wire is uneven and thick, adding fun, about 4cm long.
Size: Full length about 5cm (without ear hook)
Vintage bead : Three-dimensional rose-shaped beads (Germany), matte white, the texture of the petals is clear, the silver-gray fine spots seen on the texture, not the dirt, is the color of the old times, making the flower more three-dimensional. About 12mm, resin material.
Tassel: Light pink, milk white, light gray green, silver four colors, cotton wire (Japan), some of the wire is uneven and curly, adding fun, about 3.5cm long.
Size: Full length about 5.5cm (without ear hook)
F (Sold Out, Thank You)
Vintage bead : Deformed glass beads (Germany), one side lavender, one side dark gray purple.
Very shiny, slippery, deep pinkish purple, mysterious and charming.
Tassel: It is light purple, purple pink, milk white, silver four-color, cotton wire (Japan), about 3.5cm long.
Size: Full length about 5.5cm (without ear hook)
Replace anti-allergic ear hooks and ear clips (free)
1. Metal twisted ear clips for adjustable tightness.
2. Metal crepe ear clips with resin pearls for adjustable tightness.
3. Resin ear hooks, suitable for girls who are sensitive to any metal ear hooks.
*Please make a note in the remarks column.
* Aki will use (1) unless otherwise noted.

Japan anti-allergy, pain-reducing ear, ear clips and accessories (added goods), please go here to see:

Silent Moment's exclusive gift box with maintenance instructions.
* The outermost layer is wrapped in letter/kraft paper with protective material to ensure safe mailing.
* Gift paper and gift box styles may change with the source of supply, please let Aki choose for you.

* Vintage beads refers to the beads that were manufactured 30-99 years ago, which have been discontinued, or traces of slight scratches and horns. They are also old-fashioned designs and materials, full of intoxicating nostalgia, unique and durable. the taste of,
The vintage beads used by Aki are personally selected from Europe, America and Japan to ensure that there are no obvious scars to use. Please feel free to purchase.
* vintage beads refers to the beads of the old age (old objects), not used, not used.
* If the vintage bead is damaged during use, it will not be replaced.
* Mind the vintage accessories, please consider carefully.
*Vintage bead is extremely small and cannot be returned after the sale. The tassels can be re-made. After each vintage bead is sold out, it will be replaced with beads that can be lined with the same tassels. Please keep an eye out for updates.

Hong Kong
It will take about 2-3 days to arrive by mail from Hongkong Post.
* If you need to use the registered mail, please go to the link below to fill the postage.

Macau and Taiwan
It will take about 4-10 days to be sent by Hongkong Post Airmail.

Other countries
It will take about 7-24 days to be sent by Hongkong Post Airmail.

* For additional postal services, please contact Aki.
* It is not responsible for damage or loss during delivery.
* Generally, the order is subject to 7-21 days of delivery. If you need to advance or specify the date, please contact Aki.

Maintenance of weaving works
How to care the hand-crocheted works
* Please remove the earrings when taking a bath.
* Do not soak in sea water and pool water.
* Please wear while keeping your hands clean to avoid sweat and stains.
* Can be hand-washed, it is recommended to focus on cleaning, avoid soaking and pulling.
* If it is wet with water during use, dry it with a tissue.
* Please avoid being damaged by metal hooks, blades and other sharp objects.
* Glass bead ornaments, please avoid strong collision, squeezing and scratching.
* Avoid contact with perfumes, cosmetics and chemicals, and keep them in the air and sunlight for a long time to reduce fading.

Warm Reminder
* A hand-made work cannot make exactly the same thing as a machine. Size, length or some slight difference, the thickness of the wire, the number of colors, the color distribution ratio can not be specified, this is the subtle unique features of hand-made, please understand, thank you.
* The color and texture of the shooting light and computer display may be slightly different from the actual one. If you have any questions, please contact me, because I hope you can enjoy the most beautiful material and handwork.
* Some small accessories (eg buckle / ring...) If the goods are out of stock or need to be slightly adjusted, the designer will reserve the right to adjust without prior notice.
* If you need to change the color, size, gadgets, etc., please let me know or inquire before the order is placed, please do not make any changes after the production, please understand.
* Thank you for enjoying the shackles of Vintage ornaments.


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