Pink crystal bracelet female recruit peach blossom prosperous marriage pink crystal bracelet single circle

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Natural material, natural beauty. Gemstones have been formed over hundreds of millions of years, leaving natural traces, containing the beauty of the heavens and the earth, and the beauty of natural incompleteness. If you have fate, please cherish its nature.



Pink crystal bracelet female recruit peach blossom prosperous marriage pink crystal bracelet single circle


[Material]: pink crystal [Size]: The diameter of the pink crystal bead is about 10mm. [Accessories]: lapis lazuli, amazonite, red agate, amethyst, citrine, pearl The total circumference is about 17.5cm, 16cm or 17cm hand circumference can be worn. [Weight]: about 21g Exquisite workmanship, natural texture, full color, gentle and elegant. Pink crystal: Pink crystal is the first brand of love gems, which can enhance the pink light in its own aura. Pink light is also the color of Aphrodite (the goddess of love) showing love. It is also effective for increasing the relationship between the opposite sex. If you have a couple, you can improve the relationship between you and your partner and bring you a happy love life; if you fall out with your partner unfortunately, wearing pink crystal jewelry can also help you heal love trauma, reduce emotional troubles, and enjoy love , Grasp love. The relationship between the masters of the pink crystals enhances popularity. In business places or places where people frequently go in and out, display powder crystals, which can establish good public relations, promote business relations, and help reduce consumers’ alertness, comparison and defense ability, so that they can buy with confidence and boldly. The best weapon in the service industry of business. The powder crystal can also relieve tension and irritability, and keep the mood at peace. If used for treatment, powder crystals help the health of the organs near the heart chakra, namely the heart and lungs, and promote the health of the circulatory system and respiratory organs. The pink crystal exudes a gentle and attractive pink light, which can make people around you love yourself, so it has a particularly major impact on the harmony of the office and the relationship between people. Whether it is for customers, superiors, subordinates, and colleagues, the powder can bring excellent assistance and improvement effects, making interpersonal relationships more smooth and popular. About color and crystal difference The beads are polished by hand, and there are slight differences in individual sizes. They are made from natural ore. Each bead has a different pattern and slight color difference, which is normal. We will match the beads of the same quality together, so you can buy with confidence! We will randomly ship the goods according to the size of the photo, so please take the photo carefully if you mind! 【Order Notice】 1. The works may be exhibited and sold in other channels at the same time. The inventory display is updated as much as possible but only for reference. You can confirm by email first, thank you! 2. Each item is made by hand. While we strive for perfection, we also thank you for understanding the traces of the touch that may be in the process. The photos are all real products. The products are mainly real products due to the color difference caused by the different definitions of computer settings, shooting light, and personal perception. 3. The color of natural gemstones may vary due to natural inclusions, and the actual product is the main product. The gems used in each item are inlaid by hand, so the carat weight and grade of the gems used are different within the scope of monitoring and approval. Jade original production 【Notice】Please look at the details and sizes! Since each jade has a certain size and natural material, we can't change its size and color again. The above is approximate data and will not differ too much. The color and size are subject to the actual product. The actual object is shot from multiple angles. Due to the influence of light, camera and display equipment, there will be a little color cast and error. It is not a description inconsistency or quality problem. Those who mind are careful to shoot. [Reminder]: Natural jade's fine stone patterns, cotton, stone tendons, impurity spots, growth textures, surface mineral spots, etc. are all normal performance and characteristics of natural jade. Please bid carefully if you are pursuing perfectionism. If you have any questions, please consult the designer!


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