HUANGS 艸一田人-Christmas gift classic engraved leather braided bracelet 5mm handmade

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Valentine's Day Gift Classic Replica Leather Braided Bracelet 5mm Handmade


HUANGS 艸一田人-Christmas gift classic engraved leather braided bracelet 5mm handmade


#This amount is marked as [single] price **【 艸一田人 | Handmade Leather Braided Bracelet】** "While there is life there is hope", if you survive, hope will not die. - Customized according to the size of your hand, take care of your bracelet **Product Description|** The concept of making a bracelet begins with "While there is life there is hope" and hope is not extinguished. It is a personal accessory that represents a hope, a cherished thing, or an eternal piece of life. You can give it to yourself, give it to a good friend, or give it to someone who is important to your heart. The most precious thing is the blessing and emotional value behind the bracelet. We hope that it is not just an accessory, but also hope that this will bring you lucky days. Without too much decoration, the less is more, a simple leather cord bracelet with a watch or other personal accessories, even the simplicity is eye-catching. Simple, but also simpler. ■ Material The leather rope is specially treated with leather material, and the texture is very good. The hardware is specially selected with high cost**stainless steel**, firm and not fading, we have been expecting to make durable and good matching small things, we will feel when we get the real product. To, the weight is its value, not the general iron plating. **Product Features|** Different from the universal bracelet, only a few specific sizes are available. With the hand circumference you provide, you can tailor the size to your own. Even if it is only a few millimeters away, we want to be attached to you. **Color selection|** 5mm rope: Hardware: silver, gold (no remarks default silver) Leather rope: pure white, shark ash, knight black, blue, deep sea sapphire, olive green, dark brown, light brown, beige, glamorous red (top to bottom) **Ordering instructions|** ■ In order to get you more quickly, you have a bracelet that is exclusive to you. Please note "Hands" and "Color" when ordering. If you have any questions, please click "Contact Designer" and we will reply as soon as possible. ■ Hand circumference measurement method: Bracelet use the "tape" or "string" around the wrist, provides**obedient**hand around (no need to reserve space) size, we will help you lengthen moderate to around 3cm 2.5cm so comfortable to wear. Ps Do not measure the length of the bracelet you usually wear! ** ★ Girls' hands are generally: 13 cm ~ 15 cm ★ Boys' hands are generally: 15 cm ~ 20 cm **After-sales service and intimate reminder|** After receiving the goods, if the total length exceeds what we said**"Extended total size: the hand circumference you provide +3cm"** And the size is not the same, we will unconditionally re-help you to replace. ■ If you provide a size error for an individual, you will need to pay a fee of $150 and provide a return envelope. Please bear with me. ■ The leather material is not recommended for long-term soaking (such as: seaside, hot springs, swimming, etc.). If you splash water every day, you can use a paper towel to dry it immediately! ■ Since the metal buckle is designed as a snap-on type, in order to avoid loosening during daily activities, our press-buttons are designed to be tight, and can be pressed at the fingertips during disassembly. ✦ Add custom [text tag] please refer to this page ✦ 5mm+8mm [couple discount] please refer to this page ✦ 【 8mm no hanging tag】Please refer to this page - ✦ Add custom [text charm] please refer to this page ✦ 5mm+8mm [couple discount] please refer to this page ✦ 8mm size please refer to this page - The working days range from 5 to 15 days. According to the schedule at the time, the pre-delivery should be sent in advance. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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