Art porcelain plate "Lanyu" Small light point gallery art painter - Yu Yuhuan with shelf exquisite gift box packaging

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"Taoyuan Color Porcelain X Xiaoguangdian Gallery Joint Art Porcelain Plate" a porcelain, a story, Produce a moving piece of music, Between people~ Let the love emerge with hot temperatures, I was moved by my heart.


Art porcelain plate "Lanyu" Small light point gallery art painter - Yu Yuhuan with shelf exquisite gift box packaging

商品説明 Yu Yuhuan - Lanyu Creative concept Canoes are the means of transportation for Lanyu residents. The blue sea is hot and hot, but there is no sultry feeling. If you visit Lanyu in the flying fish season, every household will basking flying fish, and the air will have the smell of flying fish. ----------------------------------------------- Tao Yuan Cai Porcelain designed and produced ceramic art for the first gallery of the Taiwanese art gallery “Little Light Point Gallery”, and jointly launched a series of art porcelain plates. The paintings on the porcelain plate are the paintings of the artists of the small spot gallery. They break through the physical and mental obstacles, and work hard and hard to complete the works. The Taoyuan color porcelain presents these art angel paintings on porcelain, let more People can see their talents and efforts. The sales of the porcelain plate will be returned to the painter, let them fight for their lives by their own strength, a porcelain, a story, and a moving movement between people, let you see the "heart" moved. We designed and produced these painting bone china wares by using the art works from "spotlight" that is the first gallery of handicap painters in Taiwan. The art works in the bone china wares are from the handicap painters. We cooperate with them and help them to present their creativities to public by using high standard bone china ware with ceramic laser printing technology. You can see the fine details and their creativities from The plates. Parts of our sales amount will be sent to the handicap artists for encouraging their further creative hard working. One ware one story, hope that you will see their creativities and our hard work. ----------------------------------------------- ● Product specifications: 8 inches, diameter about 20.3cm. ●Product material: bone china plate ●Product Features: It is suitable for use as a decoration in the home and as a daily tableware. ●Shopping Tips: In the high-temperature firing process, ceramics will inevitably have some small black spots, small scratches, bumps, chromatic aberrations, etc. ----------------------------------------------- Artist introduction "Orchid Island" creator: Koo Yuhuan ◎ spinal cord injury I was born in Dongshi Township, Chiayi County. I am a farmer. I know how to go to school in addition to studying. When I am free, I will help in the field. After I graduated from high school, I came to work in Taichung. After marriage, I settled in Taiping Taiping. Simple, me, my husband and a daughter who is going to be a junior this year. Will become a serious injury, because the long-term malignant tumor of the spine, the Republic of China on December 21, 1999, took out the tumor, the lower thoracic vertebrae below the fifth section of the whole sputum, sudden accident, took me into the deep valley, once blocked myself in the glaciers Period, three years before and after, separated from all friends, until going to the Taoyuan Potential Center, learning to take care of themselves, self-confidence is only one after another, formerly a professional woman, suddenly a wheelchair housewife, life Seemingly busy, in fact, life is idling. "Drawing and painting, the pain will be forgotten." I didn’t want to keep myself at home until I came to the Taichung City Spinal Cord Injury Association’s community day-care facility (also known as a small studio). I wanted to know new people, draw pictures, and walk. After more than two years, painting made me temporarily forget the pain in my body, and my heart got a little healing. I hope that I can find a place to rest in the corner of my life. "If you lose it, let it go so that you can see what I have." Impermanence is really early than tomorrow. If life is a book, trauma is like a page that has been torn off. A few people can’t turn over and stay on the broken page forever, but some people can rewrite that page, even Rewriting the story of the second half of life, using this paragraph to encourage myself, almost seven years, and with the help of many people, I also hope that I can become a person with a palm down.


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