|Forest Lake | Jade Bead Flower Lace Flower-Blue / Pressed Flower Handmade Earrings

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If you see that your favorite product has been sold, please contact us if you can make it again. Customized merchandise-make a jewelry that is exclusive to you. Please ask us if you have any questions or wish for the product.


Ilona Flora

|Forest Lake | Jade Bead Flower Lace Flower-Blue / Pressed Flower Handmade Earrings


NO. 21ABO002BU | Exclusive design and handmade brand goods | "Creating with flowers, painting with flowers, planting into the beautiful world of floral art" With pressed flowers as the main material, we start dyeing flowers that bloom freely, observe their dyeing changes overnight, and then go through a drying process to let the flowers last forever. Also because of the uniqueness of flowers, the changing of day and night, and the changing of seasons, each show a different color and form, combined with various materials such as metal, natural stone, Cotton Pearl (a new material "cotton pearl" developed by Japanese industry)... As with creation, the same design will also produce different effects, and each work is unique. | Material| Japanese resin, homemade pressed flower | Wear | Ear needles: 925 white fungus needles Ear clips: some styles can be changed to ear clips, please contact us (spiral ear clips) | Production and delivery | The shipping date of the design hall is Monday to Friday, and it cannot be shipped on weekends and national holidays. Customized models will be produced after the order is placed, and it will take about 7-10 working days after the order is confirmed. (If there is an urgent need, please contact in advance) "HERE ARE SOME TIPS TO KEEP YOUR JEWELRY IN GREAT SHAPE FOR MANY YEARS" |About maintenance| ‧Please avoid contact with chemically added products, bathing, hot springs, swimming, etc., to avoid excessive oxidation of jewelry. ‧925 sterling silver ear acupuncture can be deoxidized with a silver cloth, but the sterling silver ear acupuncture is softer and can be adjusted with light force if it is curved ‧Please keep it in a cool and dry place, avoid long-term exposure to the sun. ‧It is normal for metal products to oxidize. |Use and precautions| ‧Handmade products and earrings are personal hygiene products, except for major defects, no returns or exchanges will be accepted. ‧Do not wipe the resin material (gel) with alcohol or chemical products, the cured resin glue is brittle, please wear it carefully. ‧The works are all handmade. It is normal for some small bubbles to appear during the production process. ‧Each piece is unique, even if the same piece of work differs in shape, size, details and color perception, especially natural flowers, it is not a flaw. ‧The original color of real flowers will change over time, and the color retention will be longer after dyeing, and the dyed flowers of different batches will be slightly different. ‧Flowers are made into three-dimensional and jewellery shapes through multiple processes. Do not pull or press strongly when using them. ‧The photos are all taken from real products. Because of the computer's color rendering settings and the color of the shooting light, there will be errors, so please don't place an order if you mind. | Origin / manufacturing method | Taiwan/Handmade


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