【Herbal Truth】Frangipani Pure Essential Oil (100ml)(P3963352)


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    ◆Clean air ◆Stretching relaxation ◆ relieve pressure
  • **Unilateral essential oil /**
    The essential oil is an essential ingredient extracted from a specific part of a plant. It is not processed or mixed with other essential oils. It can be used alone as an aromatherapy agent because it must be sufficiently diluted to be used on the skin.

    ◆ Latin name - Cinnamomum camphora
    ◆Plant Origin - China
    ◆Extraction site - leaves
    ◆Extraction method—using distillation distillation technology to extract essential oils
    ◆ essential oil color - light yellow
    ◆Flavour description - Cool woody odor without the irritating smell of camphor.
    ◆ Aroma Modulation - Middle/Back


    **Flavor oil effect /**
    -Stimulate circulation, which helps improve the body's chills.
    - It has the effect of purification, can purify the air, improve respiratory problems, and protect the home environment.
    - Helps to delay aging and reduce wrinkles.
    - It has the effect of boosting the spirit and at the same time has the effect of inhibiting bacteria and can enhance the body's immunity.
    - The aroma conditioning method is recommended for use by professional aromatherapists.

    **Spiritual level /**
    Soothes nervousness and restores mental state.

    Reconciliation proposal/
    The flavor of fragrant eucalyptus oil gives people a feeling of freshness and comfort. It does not require too much proportioning (about 1-20% of the total). It is recommended that you mix the essential oils of grass and flowers to reconcile their scent and floral aroma. Green tone.
    Grass: Cypress (Qing Chang Breathing)
    Florals: rosemary (soothing), lavender (fragrance), ylang (rich floral)

    **Application method /**
    - Aromatherapy
    - Bath relaxation
    - With massage base oil
    - Cold and hot use
    - Making handmade soap

    **storage method/**
    Be sure to use a dark glass bottle and place the bottle in a 25°C ambient temperature to avoid essential oils
    Store in a humid environment or direct sunlight to avoid deterioration of essential oils (the essential oils do not need to be stored in the refrigerator).

    **It is recommended not to use object/**
    - Young children/pregnant women/breastfeeding
    - faba bean disease
    - Low/high blood pressure patients
    - Patients with epilepsy
    - Sensitivity groups

    - Do not take oral oils for topical use.
    - Not high doses and often used.
    - Please place it in a place that is not easily accessible to young children.
    - Sensitive persons, sensitive test before use.
    - Do not touch essential oils in the eyes, inner ear and mucous membranes.
    - The essential oil has high volatility. Please tighten the cap after use.
    - Do not mix different brands of essential oils to ensure the essential oil effect.
    - The aroma conditioning method is recommended for use by professional aromatherapists.
    - Essential oils are easily affected by light and heat. Please place essential oils in a light-shielding bottle and keep it in a cool place.
    - Avoid diluting essential oils with plastic, easily dissolving or luster-coated containers.
    Use glass, stainless steel, or chinaware.
    - Frangipani essential oil is a powerful essential oil. A high dose will cause convulsions and vomiting. Pregnant women, epilepsy and asthmatics cannot be used.
    - Do not use faba bean disease, low/high blood pressure, epilepsy and pregnant women, infants and young children.
    If you need to use please refer to related information or consult a professional physician.
    -__above message provides general essential oil lover reference. Our company product does not involve any medical behavior. Aromatherapy is a natural remedy and cannot be regarded as orthodox medicine. If there is any discomfort, you should seek legal professional treatment, so as not to delay the best time for medical treatment.__
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【Herbal Truth】Frangipani Pure Essential Oil (100ml)(P3963352)

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