Color stripe painting pet bowl (mini size)

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Art Street & Enamelstreet Fun Lily Painted Pet Bowl (mini size) Little Kitten Bowl


Color stripe painting pet bowl (mini size)


/ Colorful Magic Series / Series
The colorful enamel glaze is presented in a straight line style, intertwined with a warm white background, and looks like a rainbow-colored pretty girl, displaying a lovely look on each utensil!

/ Unique Charm / Special
Painted enamel has broken through the technique of smashing and swaying in general hooligans, especially in the outer layer, using the feel brushing technique to glaze, and the color taint and mash is full of unique hand-made feelings, so the cup has a thick and layered feel. A new look for fashion taste and cultural creativity

/ Color / Color
Bowl body - main color is 8 colors randomly matched with warm white and white, the main color is free to contaminate with eight colors to create a sense of hand
Bowl - Warm White

/ Size / Size
Upper width 8.5cm (Dia) x Lower width 10.5cm (Dia) x Height 5.5cm (H), food is placed in an inverted cone = diameter 6cm (Dia) x depth 3.5cm

/ Material / Material = Iron + Enamel + 304 Stainless steel
Cup Body-Iron / Coating-珐琅 / Inlay-304 Stainless Steel Ring

/ Packing /
"Cute and lightweight packaging", if you do not have any remarks on packaging requirements, we provide your hand-made lightweight packaging! Lightweight packaging is suitable for general use and gifts. It is also decent and generous. ^^ Hope everyone will like it.
Cute lightweight packaging material:
A. Coffee bottom English newspaper wrapping paper
B. White lace paper pad (type random)
C. Linen rope
D. Art Street Handmade LOGO Stamped Leather Bag

/ Using a small / Carefull instruction
A. Painted 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 手工 手工 所以 所以! This is the unique visual experience of painted pictures.
B. You are limited to a limited number of products in the art market. Please confirm the current inventory before ordering.
C. All the products are hand-made. There will be some small black spots, bubbles, hanging marks, and steel ring butt marks on the surface of the merchandise. For example, the cup edge, the handle inside, and the steel ring joint are all normal phenomena of the process. Influencing the use of goods, do not order if perfectionism.
D. The defective products are all subject to SGS security inspection [SGS Report No. CT/2015/C0440]. There will be no doubt about the color fading. Please feel free to use it.
E. 珐琅 Avoid heavy pressure and strong impact with sharp objects. If it is found that the surface is detached or peeled, it is recommended that you stop using it or contact us.
F. Use a mild detergent and a non-abrasive sponge or cloth to clean it.
G. 珐琅 The commodity body is made of metal and suitable for use by young children. However, in order to prevent blemishes and improper use, it is recommended that adults be accompanied.
H. 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 珐琅 因 因 因 因 因 因 因 因 因 因 因 因 因 因 因 因 因 因 因 因 H H H H H H H.
I. 珐琅 Commodity is suitable for direct heating of gas stoves and induction cookers. However, please do not empty the oven and use microwave heating.
J. 珐琅 Do not use the product in an instant with hot and cold instead of hot and cold. It is easy to cause thermal expansion, contraction and damage of the silicon layer. It is recommended that the product be allowed to stand at room temperature before use.
Material and color in food grade - safety for both hot and cold food.
Hand wash only. Cleaning with a sponge or soft cloth. Wipe dry
Warning: Do not put in the microwave oven and dishwasher.

/ Origin / manufacturing methods / Made in Taiwan
Made in Taiwan handmade


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