For you to shine / canvas side backpack

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Khaki, regardless of gender, temperament, handsome fresh and cute can be back, strap can be adjusted length, has a zippered inner pocket, and two pocket inner pockets. There is a button at the opening inside and a button on the outside. The patterns are pu


For you to shine / canvas side backpack


"shine for you." The pattern is very warm for you to shine a small table lamp. This bag is long, A4 books, water bottles, pencil cases, environmental chopsticks, mobile phones, wallets are not a problem. ^^ Khaki, regardless of gender, temperament, handsome and fresh can be back Strap can be adjusted in length There is a zippered inner pocket and two pocket inner pockets. There is a button at the opening inside and a button on the outside. We have greatly increased the functionality of the canvas bag! Still very versatile! The following is a description of the dimensions: ___________________ Content: 1 shoulder bag Material medium thick cotton canvas / 14 ounces Color khaki Place of origin Taiwan _______________________ Precautions: * The colors are not the same under different lighting, but they are also very troublesome. The actual color of the naked eye is the photos taken outdoors and darker! * The patterns are hand-painted, not machine-printed, so each will be different. Washing instructions: Canvas bags have different cleaning methods depending on the degree of soiling: A. The surface of the fabric is dusty, and the corners of the bag are rubbed and dirty. You can use sticky tape to stick to the dirt, which can be restored to 90%. B. If you accidentally get grease, the food soup can be washed with a local detergent in a dirty place. In order to prevent the canvas from being smudged by other color matching fabrics, avoid washing the whole bag in water as much as possible. . * Canvas bag cleaning and maintenance should not be put into the washing machine to wash, the cloth bag is stirred by the washing machine and then turned out to become a crumpled soft object, more likely to cause the bag to deform. *When cleaning, remember to avoid the leather of the tag. Tips. Dry and clean the canvas bag and let it dry, let the sun bake the cotton that has been sucked in water, avoiding bad luck. The canvas bag made of cotton canvas is characterized in that the longer the cloth is used, the more soft the fabric will be, and the more natural the color will be. Buyers who can accept the above items will be placed again! Origin / manufacturing methods Place of origin Taiwan


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