WaWu A5/25K Book Cover (Lemon Yellow)

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The front of the book cover has a hidden zipper layer that can be passed to the entire book cover, which can be used to


WaWu A5/25K Book Cover (Lemon Yellow)


**<Product Description>**
- "Reading is a very personal thing..."
- Go out and carry a book with you.
During commuting and waiting time,
I don't want people around me to know what book they are reading now.
Because reading is a personal matter.
- The front of the book cover has a hidden zipper layer that can be passed to the entire book cover, which can be used to place pens and bookmarks for reading, or as a storage bag for stationery.
- It can also be used as a storage bag for mothers and children's manuals and passbooks.
- The thickness of the cover book can be adjusted at the back, and the most suitable adjustment can be made according to the thickness of each reading book.
* The product does not contain books and stationery in the photo. This is for the props for taking photos, thank you. :)

**<Product Content>**
* Material: Taiwan material, cotton canvas, cotton cloth, printed cotton cloth, Japanese cotton cloth, Japanese cotton webbing, interlining cloth, YKK nylon zipper, wax cotton rope.
* Size: 16 Width (w) x 21.5 Height (h) cm; Total length 44.5cm Adjustable.

**<Product ordering process>**
- This is a custom-made system. If you need it, you can order it. Vicky starts to make it. It takes about 1 working day to be sent by hand. Thank you.

- You can add an embroidery service to this product:
* Added purchase: name cloth https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1XjbFsKO?category=5

* Purchased: Non-woven name plate https://www.pinkoi.com/product/KidyDT5u

**<production and shipping information>**
- After the order payment is completed, the production will be arranged and the production will be arranged in the order of payment. Thank you.
- The production will not start until the order is settled. The general number is calculated as 1 day. A larger number will add 1 to 2 more days.
- Super shop to pick up the goods 48 hours after the arrival.
- Please note that the courier and post office have no delivery on weekends and national holidays.
-Taiwan Island Express, mailed the next day, plus 1~2 days in remote areas, pay attention to the postman cup and courier!!
- Postman and courier will not call, no one will respond and they will send it again tomorrow. If no one receives it, they will stay in the post office and so on.
- If you are more urgent to receive it, you must use the black cat home delivery 啰~(╹◡╹)
- Please use the mail in the outer island area. If you are more anxious, please remember to tell the designer to pay the shipping fee to send the black cat.

**<Washing and maintenance precautions>**
• Many designs are limited edition flowers, sold out of print
• Independent work, limited production
• Use and maintenance methods:
• It is recommended to use ordinary detergent and cold water to wash separately. Mix with other clothes at the same time. Please add a laundry bag. Do not dry clean or use bleach. Wash and dry.

**<Notes on Handmade and Custom Products>**
This item comes with a gift wrap and is suitable for gift giving.
The goods are handmade:
• Each piece of the hand works is unique, and the size difference is within 0.5 cm of the normal range.
• There is a slight difference in the color of each computer screen, which is slightly different from the number of merchandise photos.
• Each piece cannot be exactly the same, and the parts that each piece of cloth draws are different.
• If the stitching is slightly different from the merchandise photo or if it is slightly abnormal, it is not a fake.
• Custom goods cannot be returned or exchanged.
• Waguo Creative Co., Ltd. passed the “Taiwan-made MIT Smile Label Certification” ※No. ID: 01900078

<Return instructions>
- Individual custom-made goods, according to the "Applicable Guidelines for the Reasonable Exceptions of the Right to Discharge of Communications Transactions" issued by the Executive Yuan, the designer has the right not to accept returns. The designer agrees and guarantees to provide after-sales services such as guarantees, exchanges, warranty repairs and other services to consumers in accordance with the Chinese Civil Law, the Consumer Protection Law and other relevant laws or sales agreements.
-We do not accept returns/exchanges for customized products.
- オーダーメイド merchandise, returning goods and receiving merchandise.
-WaWu Return Policy

Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan Taichung / Handmade
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan Taichung / Handmade


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