Carrying room - carry the four treasures of the house


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  • Let's stay at any time, anywhere!

    Wenfang is the habitat of the mind, reading Fuqin, poetry painting; Wenfang, is also an important communication space, express their minds, friends chat.

    Whether at home,
    Or in the office,
    Whether it is on a business trip,
    Or mining wind mountain,
    A set of experts through the selection of liturgical appliances,
    A set of carefully designed, research and development of the text portfolio,
    For everyone to enjoy writing, enjoy the peace of mind and body,
    Provide a whole new way!

    The fancier, including the calligrapher carefully selected Wenfang utensils.

    Ink (98ML ink tank pure pine smoke)

    Selection of two hundred years of ink experience in the Japanese brand ink Yun Tang ink to ensure the quality of writing. Fragrance is not smelly, delicate and moist, no need to add water to adjust the ink, pour out can be written directly, easy to use.

    Inkstone (Hongmei light inkstone)

    Plastic texture, durable and lightweight, easy to carry, clean; accurate arc, distinguish between Yan pool, Yan Tang space, dipped in ink, pen easy to complete.

    Water droplets (imported from Japan)

    Plastic texture, light and good operation, absorbent, drip easily completed, long time to write, the light squeeze can be water, water droplets smaller, easy to control the amount of water. Tap the desktop, but also as a penholder, a dual-use.

    Brush (2 small pen length 26.5cm large pen length 28cm)

    Pen for the cents, pen hard hard (yellow), wrapped around soft millennium (milky white), soft and hard both, flexible moderate, easy to write. Cone + fine column type pen, easy to different people's writing preferences, or high or low, or thick or thin. One big and one small two homogeneous brush, to meet the daily writing requirements.

    Felt (specially made with wool)

    Selection of soft and hard with wool felt, can form a fixed writing utensils, as a portable packaging, the shape of the pen; but also when writing on the paper under the paper, smooth and smooth, absorbed Xuan paper bleed excess ink marks. Featured silver gray, dirty and beautiful.

    Belt - we are in every detail with a belt, tied to our portable text, tightly clinging to our serenity!

    It is portable text, but also chicken roll.

    Priced at 298 yuan, is to buy portable text gallery presented a color ink clip a box (68 yuan / box), so you feel like a rainbow as beautiful.

    Quickly click to buy ^ _ ^

    Break time: Weekend / holiday is not shipped, please know.
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Carrying room - carry the four treasures of the house

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