Daily Life Record No.2 Square Relics │ Cement Pots and Flesh Plants

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Material: Cement (light grey) / Overall size: approx. 11.5 x 11.5 x 6cm / Drainage hole: 1cm round


Daily Life Record No.2 Square Relics │ Cement Pots and Flesh Plants


**Daily Life Record No. 2 "Square Relics" │ Cement Pots and Multi-Soul Planting** **[Work story]** What is this era left for tomorrow? Unconsciously weathered memories, buildings are gradually peeling off their original appearance. We look for molds with building line shapes and hand-shaping, combining the two into a contradictory hand piece with both regular and irregular. Just like a relic, when you look back, you will find that it is always there, but gradually returns to nature. This calm relic can be used to decorate small objects into the natural world, or simply a small fleshy jungle garden. Please decorate your memories with your own preferences! **[Specification + size]** **Material composition**: Cement **Outer diameter size**: Approx. length 11.5cm width 11.5cm height 6cm **Inner diameter space**: Approx. 8cm in length, 8cm in width and 4cm in height (±1cm) **Drainage hole**: round, about 1cm in diameter **Pocket weight**: about 550g **[Please note]** ●There are no plants or ornaments in the photo. The picture is for reference. ● We are handmade, so each cement pot is a unique finished product. ● In order to present the concept of relics, the rough surface of the basin is not too polished. ●Before the shipment, there is already soaked water to remove alkali. If you have doubts, you can tell us if you want to handle it yourself. ● Although the cement material is very hard, do not hit with heavy objects, and you should not touch the acidic liquid. ● Cement is a porous material. After the basin is watered, it will absorb some water to make the color of the basin darker, which can judge the soil moisture. ●The cement production process is prone to pores or cracks and dust. It is the natural beauty of this material. If you pay attention to perfection, please think twice. **[Our philosophy]** **"Everyone has a nest for collecting debris."** **Everyone has a nest to collect something in their heart.** We collect inspiration and materials to present the world we see in a small variety of styles. These are the building materials of Rick's Nest, and the nesting of birds is the way everyone presents their own world. Through the wonderful gravitation and embarrassment between people, everyone can share the nest of the things in their hearts. I hope that after you have casually seen our simple and simple creations, let the thoughts in your heart begin to fly freely. **IG🔎 ricknest_studio, also welcome to the 1831 old house in the cat empty forest where the studio is located!**


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