American antique brand AMCO 14K gold-coated opal bud necklace earrings set European jewelry

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We mainly sell European and American antique jewelry accessories and home accessories. The product pictures are all taken in-kind, and the product status is shown in the picture. Due to the limited system format, the product-related information is mainly based on the "product introduction". Because everyone has different cognition standards for the



American antique brand AMCO 14K gold-coated opal bud necklace earrings set European jewelry


*American AMCO 14K Gold Covered Opal Set / Not for sale* (The earrings will be photographed when they are free. Picture 6 is temporarily supplemented with the AMCO opal earrings with round bases of the same series for reference) AMCO Jewelry (A. MICALLEF & CO INC) AMCO, established in Rhode Island in 1919, was good at using high-quality gold-clad, sterling silver materials, as well as sophisticated and meticulous craftsmanship to design and produce classical and exquisite jewelry, which was a high-priced jewelry brand at that time. **[AMCO 14K gold-coated opal flower bud necklace and earring set]** The main stone of the work is a natural opal with rounded egg surface and play-of-color. The octagonal base has a delicate cross pattern on the front and back. The middle of the flower buds are carved with leaf veins to present a three-dimensional visual sense. The back of the earrings and the ear plugs also have different star-shaped and sun-like round patterns. The texture and exquisiteness of craftsmanship can be seen in every detail in the exquisite work Compared with some slightly flattened opals, this group of beautiful egg-faced play-of-color gems is also very precious Year/1940s Origin / United States Material/ 14K gold, opal Size (approx.) cm / chain length of one side of necklace 20.5, pendant length and width 1.8 x 1.4, earring length and width 1.4 x 1.4, opal length, width and height about 0.8 x 0.6 x 0.35 Marking / AMCO 1/20 14K GF (American legal gold-clad) seal on the side of the ear plug and the buckle of the necklace Remarks / 1/20 14K (the US legal coverage ratio must be more than 1/20 of the total weight, which means not less than 5%) Condition / Good, as shown in the figure, there are some traces of use over time, partial shadows are related to shooting, and the function of wearing and using is normal The product does not contain other shooting objects, except for the product, the shooting props used in the picture are not for sale. *****[Please pay attention to the following matters before purchasing, placing an order means that the buyer fully agrees to accept the transaction method of this store]***** __**◈ Discount method ◈**__ • For details, please refer to the description of the hotel's discount activities. (Without any other discount methods, price negotiation is declined.) __**◈ Freight calculation ◈**__ • The freight of the goods is detailed as explained in the store's store. The system will automatically settle the purchase of more than two items. **(The above is only for mailing/general hanging)** __**◈ About order payment ◈**__ • Payment terms:__after orders to buy**to be in within three days (including holidays) to complete the order payment**__, please cooperate and be able to accept the three-day payment term of this store's buyers and then purchase orders. • Payment reminder: When the buyer's order is established, the store will leave a message for the first time to inform the order payment deadline. If the payment is not received after the time is about to expire, the store will notify again. If the payment is still ignored and completed after the reminder, the buyer is deemed to have given up the purchase, and the store has the right to cancel the order and not reserve the product again. __**◈ About product shipment ◈**__ • Send area: The Marketplace__All Products**"only sent to the island of Taiwan."**not sent outside the region of Taiwan__. • Shipping method: this store__**『Only available by post/general hanging』**__shipping method. Normal delivery at the post office takes about 1 to 2 days (excluding holidays). There are no other methods such as home delivery, over-pickup, personal delivery, etc. No refunds will be given to other shipping methods after the order is placed. (Please understand that the post office cannot cooperate with the telephone notification or the designated time for delivery. If you have any questions about the mailing method, please call the post office by yourself.) • Delivery time: After receiving the buyer's payment notification, the goods will be shipped within three days from the next day (excluding post office holidays). Non-full-time online auctions, due to work relations, cannot cooperate with buyers to propose "urgent items, delayed shipments, designated time or date shipments", the store will decide the delivery time according to the work situation. Buyers can accept and place an order to purchase, if not acceptable, please consider the purchase. • Commodity packaging: The store will consider the requirements of the commodity itself, and choose appropriate packaging materials for the commodity, such as: dustproof paper, bubble paper, carton, plastic bag... etc., after proper packaging, the post office Send by hanging. • Recipient's information:__**buyer fills in the personal receiving information after placing the order, please check again that the information provided is correct and complete**__, if the recipient's information is provided incorrectly, incompletely, or repeatedly no one at home If the item is sent to the local post office for collection but not reclaimed, when the item is returned to the sender and seller,__any loss is caused, the buyer shall bear the responsibility of the buyer. The seller does not need to refund to the buyer and provide the obligation to send the item__. • Shipment notification: After the goods are shipped, the store will notify the buyer by the Qimo system shipment letter, and the registration receipt code will also be noted in the notification letter. • Return and exchange part:__**Once all the goods in this store are sold, "return or exchange for any reason will not be accepted"**__. Each product is provided with at least three or more real shot pictures and text content description for reference, so it is not acceptable to request for refund after purchase for any reason such as "different from personal imagination, perception, color difference, size inconsistency..." Exchange. __**◈ About the product ◈**__ • Commodity accessories: The number of transfers of these antique items that have been around for decades or a hundred years is unknown. Few of the packaging boxes, labels and other accessories at that time have not been kept. If there are other accessories, they will be noted in the text of the product related materials. Description. • Product color: As each computer or mobile phone screen has a different color rendering, some slight differences are inevitable, and online shopping has a degree of risk consideration. Please measure whether you can accept it before buying, if it is very required Those with perfect or high standards are advised to visit the store to buy them in person to avoid unnecessary trouble. • Appearance status: Does not provide a few percent new, after all, everyone's perception is different. And these antique items or ornaments that have gone through tens or hundreds of years have normal signs of use over time, and there will inevitably be some minor conditions such as "light color, abrasion, peeling, stain, damage or oxidation and green rust". Description. Buyers should carefully consider whether the product images, text descriptions, etc., and the material size are appropriate, and think twice to make sure that they or the gift-giving object can accept the purchase. • Conditions of use: The product can be used normally, unless it has serious defects or can no longer be used or worn normally, we will make another explanation in the product description. Based on the different standard requirements and perceptions of the appearance and conditions of use of antique objects, buyers should consider the pictures and text provided on the product page before purchasing. • Allergies: antique or modern jewelry materials are nothing more than "alloy, sterling silver or precious metals", etc., regardless of jewelry or other antique objects, these are all that the general public can normally use and wear in daily life, such as personal preference For those with sensitive skin, please make your own assessment and consider choosing the accessories and object materials that suit your needs, and then purchase without any problems. • Wearing pictures: Three (or more) real shot pictures have been provided for each product, but please understand that the wearing diagram is "not necessary". Due to the seller's personal time, it is impossible to provide every product. Please follow The multiple real shot pictures and narrative materials provided on the product page for measurement reference. • Reservation: Sorry that the store does not provide goods for another reservation. • Modification: The store does not provide any modification service. If the buyer personally needs modification, please ask the professional jeweller in the shop. __**◈ Receipt or invoice ◈**__ No proof of purchase such as receipt or invoice was provided. It is purely a general personal store that is not a company number. Therefore, the store does not meet the need to issue invoices and provide receipts. Buyers can place orders if they accept it. __**◈ Other instructions ◈**__ • If you have any questions, please ask before placing an order. It is not acceptable to respond to any product and personal questions after placing an order. • Please think twice before purchasing. 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