Pangolin light box small drawer

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The hand-painted pangolins and solid wood light boxes are a collection of unique and unique works made by the author.


Pangolin light box small drawer


Wood species: We chose to use dark and fine-grained African teak as the main body of this work, instead of ordinary softwood and lighter colored pine, mainly because such hardwoods are less prone to dents and can The service life is longer, and because it is hardwood, its value is higher than that of ordinary soft wood (pine). As time goes on, the texture of wood will get better and better. coating: The general direction of our creation is to make works that consumers can use for a long time. We strictly examine every detail and corner. For the outer coating, we choose to use the German Osmo 3044 natural "primary color" wood care oil, with natural combination of raw materials, after drying, it is harmless to the human body and children, and at the same time guarantees the safety and health of the author and user, please feel free to use it. *****Note: Our standards for materials are the same, but because wood is a natural material, Even for the same wood species, the color and texture of each batch of wood will vary somewhat. Utilizing the simplicity of wood, with pangolins in various colors, there is a drawer underneath. The hardware handles used in the drawers are metal handles used in the early days, which are very heavy and age-like. We install it in the new light box drawer In addition, give old objects a new soul. Size: 23 x 11 x 25 (cm) Shouzhuo handwork: Use the wood of my father ten years ago as the signboard and spirit, Pay attention to a solid feel, Do your best to maintain a simple and straightforward nature in your creation. It is hoped that the objects will grow stories on the collectors, which are durable, attractive and intriguing. The handwork that retains the simplicity of the work is the embodiment of the handwork that is clumsy. Shouzhuo is a thing related to life, Selected wood, High purity metal, As well as the pottery hand-made, Make a form that can be integrated into the mountains and wild, or put into the home; Make it in a form that can be used daily, as well as remembering or meditation. I hope it can stay with you for a long time, Hope your children can still see and use them. one day, Some people will say, what is this pottery for? So lovely! Some people will say, what is this wooden box for? Do it really hard! Others will say, how is this ring made? So detailed, so special! This is what we are after, Maybe out of date values However, we can only have one belief. Friends who like "Shou Zhuo Hand Huo" on Facebook, please click like on Facebook fan group👍


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