52 Hz Front Pocket Top (Madder Blue Overdye) Organic Cotton

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100% organic cotton fabric design, unisex version can be worn by men and women


52 Hz Front Pocket Top (Madder Blue Overdye) Organic Cotton


Born unique, like an invisible existence, It conveys the 52 Hz that no one can accept, only belongs to oneself. The front pocket jacket looks simple cut design, but has many unique details, suitable for daily life Wearing a version of the top, using organic cotton fabric with moderate thickness, can be used all year round In addition to being a coat, you can also unbutton the front placket and wear it as a coat. There are pockets on both sides and chest, which are both practical and functional, and can be worn by both men and women! "Each set of dyed tops will have a slight uneven tone of natural color mixing, which is a natural phenomenon of natural mixing." In particular, we use white coats as canvas and natural dyes as paints. Using blue dyed blue combined with madder dyed pink two dye liquors interlaced, dyeing a special over-dyeing method, It has a mixed color effect like watercolor, but retains the partial blue, forming a unique blue-violet gradient effect. Each piece is dyed by the craftsperson. The complicated techniques and charming dyeing patterns are worthy of your savor! / Size/ Free size sleeve design Length: 76 cm Cuff width: 15 cm Hem width: 64 cm (All products are measured horizontally) / Material/ 100% organic cotton What is 100% organic cotton? The land where cotton is grown must be left fallow for 3 years. The growth process of cotton Do not sprinkle any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and decay agents Seeds can’t use fungicides 100% organic cotton grown The general pure cotton material on the market uses one kilogram of insecticide for every three kilograms of cotton Bleach and chemical dyes, In order to speed up the growth of cotton, chemical fertilizers are also used. Relative to 100% organic cotton T Because it is cotton processed without chemical raw materials More comfortable to wear "0" burden Imported cotton needs to be certified by international organizations Fabric manufacturers must also obtain international certification-GOTS organic cotton certification Each piece of 100% organic cotton T is accompanied by a <organic cotton exclusive certification elevator> Ensure that consumers can safely enjoy the natural comfort brought by 100% organic cotton Reduce the burden on the planet It also represents our guarantee and dedication to consumers Looking for a "friendly design" Welcome to I. A. N Design! / Precautions/ Shipped within 7 working days after purchase (Excluding holidays) / Origin / MADE IN TAIWAN


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