Brut Cake - Shallow mouth small dish sauce dish (1) Handmade healing hand-painted

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Brut Cake's shallow mouth is handmade. The designer Deng Naiqi draws a simple brush and draws a simple and healing pattern. When the meal is finished, you can see the warm heart pattern responding to you, letting the stomach and mind Get met! The size


Brut Cake

Brut Cake - Shallow mouth small dish sauce dish (1) Handmade healing hand-painted


[ brand ] Brut Cake is a brand created by Taiwanese artist Nicole Teng in Shanghai, covering commodities, art, and most importantly, life. Brut is French, taken from the artistic style Art Brut (original art), emphasizing originality, rough and rough, with warmth and emotions; Cake means happiness and sweetness. We hope to touch more people with the work made by both hands, so that the essence of each material can be touched and cherished. Nicole Teng, the artist and founder of Brut Cake, always wanted to break through the traditional impressions of ceramic works, so he used different ideas to integrate painting into clay creation. In her ceramic works, there are a lot of hand-painted creations. Sometimes, she wants to make a picture-bearing container in order to draw on it, a bowl, a cup, a small dish... simple painting A face, a pair of eyes, each object also has its own look and personality, which makes the face of ceramics more interesting. [Specifications] Size: The cup mouth is about 11 cm in diameter x the bowl is about 2.8 cm deep. (This is a hand-drawn embryo, each cup has a 5% difference in size and capacity) Material: white porcelain mud Color: light beige (The color displayed on each computer screen is different, mainly based on actual colors) [ feature design] The size is slightly larger than the general sauce dish. In addition to the seasonings such as sauce and vinegar, it can also be used as a container for the ingredients and pickles. At the bottom of each small disc, there is a small pattern that the designer Deng Naiqi hand-painted, simple and healing with a brush. When the meal is finished, you can see the warm heart pattern responding to you, so that the stomach and the heart are satisfied. The patterns are all treated under the "glaze", and the food sauce is not directly exposed to the glaze, so it can be used with peace of mind. Brut Cake's small discs are also made by hand-drawing. We like rustic, imperfect looks and preserve the imperfections in the works. These traces convey the author's mind and make every piece of Brut Cake's ceramic work. She has her personality and emotions attached. We keep the unglazed blocks at the bottom as a bridge of touch, allowing people to touch the essence of the soil, connected between the land, the creator and the user, while the specially treated glaze is burnt after the high temperature kiln Occasionally, the utensil itself will show a natural water-stained texture, which seems to be imperfect, but also because of imperfections, but with the temperature of manual and healing mood. [Description] This product is hand-made and may have a few imperfections, and due to the nature of the material, small pores, small black spots or small bumps may be formed on the surface during firing. The hand-painted smile pattern on the cup is a glazed flower paper, and the firing may also show different shades of glaze. The above is a normal phenomenon of hand-made, will not affect the use or not, the perfectionist please evaluate whether it is acceptable to purchase. The pores of the clayware are large, so please avoid using hot drinks or heating, and then rinse them with cold water. Allow the utensils to cool before flushing to avoid fine cracks. Thank you. This product is recommended to be air dried naturally. Do not put it in a dishwasher. Origin / manufacturing methods Shanghai / handmade


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