Beautiful day phone shell

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Beautiful day phone case bonne journee phonecase



Beautiful day phone shell


Merci, Ma chérie
Un Moment en France.
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Beautiful day phone case bonne journee phonecase

Autumn new product in September Full offer / Limited quantity is delivered
▪ In the single order, there are new products to send [brand bonjour bag] and
* The second wave of gifts / A set of French postcards (already gifted)

This order to order orders goods
Mobile phone shell work day is 14 days without holidays
Work days begin 1 day after receipt of order
The number of stocks due to the large number of models is for reference only.
If you need to go abroad/emergency/gift, please ask the spot.
Special attention. The goods are printed without bronzing!

RICHÉ has special brand models available
If your phone model is not in the original order model
Please ask if we will have someone to help you

Integral shape texture is easy to disassemble and the side pattern is perfectly presented.
All angles are perfect 100%.
Texture upgrade + refined upgrade + smooth upgrade +.
★Attention. All merchandise patterns are made with high precision printing without any three-dimensional metal
★ Dirtyness advice: If you are afraid of sweating. Dirty. Grease soiled mobile phone shell Suggested please select bright shell / dark color pattern

NEW upgrade+
7 / 7+ Mist Softshell Evolution Update Notice
We find the most suitable
Of course full update!

质 texture extra points / ❷ no white circle / ❸ super good disassembly
New version from today
A little care,
Make life feel better.

Hard shell material description
1 material matte bright surface optional. Bright gloss/smoothness
2 left and right cladding.
3 pattern complete and complete coating perfect 100%
4 material texture shell material thickness 0.1cm

Soft shell material description:
1 material matte optional. Smooth and smooth feeling
2 up, down, left, and right full packages.
3 pattern complete and complete coating perfect 100%
4 material with advanced TPU material / thickness of about 0.2cm

相同 Hard and soft shells are the same:
Both mobile phone shells have the function of protecting the phone shell
The use of matte / light bread film design smooth sense
Completely coated with perfect pattern 100%

软 Softshell extra points:
Using exclusive and manufacturer-designed soft materials
Material Q can be up and down left and right complete package beautiful covered mobile phone
Around the front of the interior is about 0.4cm pattern edging protection
Fog bread film material does not touch well

Phonecase texture
Richè mobile phone small classroom class! How to choose soft and hard shell
All phone models soft and hard shell examples all phone-case texture
Mark. Pink dots are soft shell material
Note. If you like the overall feeling of coverage, please choose matte soft shell.
All-inclusive soft and hard shell mobile phone shell is due to the thickness of artificial hole around the hole
There will be about 0.05~0.1cm frame is a normal commodity ^^
Please don't worry if you install your phone!
Hard shell lens opening is about 0.05~0.1cm white border
Iphone series lens opening is generally available on the public version of the size of the hole will reveal the original white line on the phone
At the bottom there will be a small amount of parallel indentation making the phone case normal.
Note. Please select the soft shell for the whole film and general glass paste.
If a full-thick glass sticker or back sticker causes the phone to be too thick, it is not applicable.
Small intimate. Mist soft shell itself is TPU material in order to provide the best products for the new production
It will disperse about 1-2 days when it is opened for use. Please rest assured:)
If there are girls using perfume can be sprayed in the air mobile phone shell will also be fragrant!

RICHÉ Mobile Phone Case Classroom 啰★
How to choose How to choose hard and soft shells!

裸 bare metal + protection sticker
Bare metal + non-full version glass paste ▶ recommended matte surface. Bright surface hard shell / matte soft shell / transparent soft shell
Bare metal + full glass paste ▶ Recommended matte hard shell / bright hard shell / transparent soft shell
Bare metal + thick glass paste ▶ Recommended matte hard shell / bright hard shell / transparent soft shell
Bare metal + back or any thickening of the phone ▶ Not applicable
Pure bare metal ▶ Recommended matte hard shell / bright hard shell / matte soft shell

❷ Full-coated membrane + protection sticker
Full-coated + non-full glass paste ▶ Fog soft shell recommended
Full-coated + full glass ▶ Not applicable
Full-coated + thick glass paste ▶ Not applicable
Full-membrane + back-up or any thickening of the phone ▶ Not applicable
Pure machine coating ▶ Recommended matte soft shell

The above suggestions are for the market to have a full machine envelope and the status of everyone's use
The mobile phone shell in the market is generally made in "bare metal size"
So if you add too much to the phone itself, make the phone thicker and cause size changes
It is difficult to pick your favorite mobile phone shell!

I still want to buy a soft shell / simple measurement method:
There are hundreds of protective stickers available on the market.
It is recommended that you want to buy matte soft shell
Can be measured to see how close your glass is to the edge of the phone
If there is more than 0.2~0.3cm distance, you can use matte soft shell
Due to matte soft shell around the width of 0.2-0.3cm
If the distance is less than 0.2~0.3cm
Will form a phone case that will interfere with the glass sticker
The mobile phone shell can not cover the mobile phone and can not be installed up!

[Girls' Common Q & A]
Are you/having the following troubles?
Hope can help you/ours!

Q: I really want to buy RICHÉ's phone case, but what are the several?
A : All-inclusive pattern foggy hard shell / bright hard shell / matte soft shell.
Transparent crystal transparent soft shell.

Q: What is the difference between a hard shell and a soft shell?
A : The hard shell is covered with the left and right sides, and the material is more rigid.
The soft shell is wrapped up and down, left and right, and is wrapped with bread.

Q : What is the difference between matte and glossy surfaces?
A : The matte texture is smooth and misty
Shiny face texture shine bright light color bright

Q : What does the pattern all inclusive mean?
A : The front and left and right sides are 100% full-covered pattern

Q : Then I have a cell phone capsule, which is suitable for?
A : The mobile phone has a cover film. It is recommended that the soft shell style does not apply to the hard shell.

Q : I want to wrap my phone all around.
A : It is recommended to buy matte soft shell/crystal transparent soft shell

Q : Which kind of phone case is more resistant to dirt?
A : Comparing the dirt resistance to matte and glossy surfaces: bright surface> matte surface
Compare dirt resistance with dark and light patterns: dark> light

* Overseas purchase of goods due to postage is too expensive to return or exchange
* oversea's order have no return.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan / Made in Taiwan


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