Serving Board

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Leg Ham Shaped Serving Board


Serving Board


【The Unique Design】 Insisting on not wearing hand protection, the professional carpenter Steven has accumulated considerable scars from injury as a result. He explained that only by having one's skin make direct and unhindered contact with the wood can the process of cutting, shaping, sanding, and processing truly achieve an in-depth sense of the frequency of vibrations in the hand on the boards. With this close connection, a personalized touch is realized in the boards, and each of his works truly is a work of art, unique in and of itself. 【Lifestyle】 Learning to love one self begins with the accumulation of joy. Yearning is in itself the motivation of life, and freedom is the expression of the understanding of how to share. Dance to the music, be crazy on occasion, and diligently dabble in the experiences of life. Roll up your sleeves with us and get into the kitchen, adding notes to the music of life. These sounds, images, and aromas will be priceless memories for years to come. 【A Trip to Queensland the Sunshine State】 Different from similar processing methods such as using kiln or mechanical drying, after camphor trees are sawed out, they are immediately sent to natural air in Queensland where the climate is dry. During this process, the wood grain naturally tightens, and over the slow waiting process of 12 to 18 months, the durable and seamless structure results in an optimally textured wood board material. ◆Approximate Dimension: 41x20x2.5cm Our Promise Camphor Laurel “Natural” Antibacterial Qualities Camphor Laurel from salvaged trees is recommended for use as slabs in kitchen benchtops, all kind of furniture, hand carved bowls and cutting or serving boards. And while many hard wood timber cutting boards can damage your knife edges, camphor laurel is a hard wood or medium density that is kind to your knives, naturally antibacterial, easy to maintain and have distinctive, calming smells. In Australia we are blessed with the Camphor Laurel tree which has so many unique qualities that it must rank amongst the world's best timber cutting board material. ◆Australian made ◆Designed by passionate & experienced chef ◆Hand made by professional carpenter ◆Each board has a unique grain and hue ◆At least 25mm+ durable & deluxe thickness ◆Our logo is burned into every board using cast iron ◆Each of our boards is an intact single piece ◆Natural anti-bacterial properties ◆Reduced microbial growth ◆No wax, No polish, just natural raw wood with a coat of premium grapeseed oil ◆ECO friendly 【Care & Use】 Hand wash with light soap and warm water before first use and every time after, rinse and dry thoroughly. Never submerge the board in water, apply a coat of grapeseed oil monthly (weekly for commercial uses), not for use in microwave, oven and dishwasher.(Grapeseed oil has a moderately high smoke point of approximately 216℃ . Due to its clean, light taste, high polyunsaturated fat content, it won't go rancid and doesn't oxidise as quickly as other vegetable oils while most food safe oils go smelly, tacky and change colour when left on the board.)


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