[Sucking a cup without a cup] Double-layer light cup - limited edition (purple)

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The magic sucker technology makes the cup no longer easy to overturn. It is most suitable for the office or carry it wit


[Sucking a cup without a cup] Double-layer light cup - limited edition (purple)


http://youtu.be/OsOeNiObIDg [Cannot push, easy to take] The singular double-layer lightweight cup features the world's latest patented magic sucker technology to avoid accidental overturning of the beverage cup. Simply place the sucker cup on a smooth surface and the magic cup is immediately attached to the table to prevent you from overturning the drink. Picking up the sucking cup is as natural as picking up other mugs! You don't need to pick up the tray from the table or pull the suction cup attached to the bottom of the cup. Just lift it up vertically to release the suction, use it easily, and get started right away. 【design concept】 The magic sucker technology makes the cup no longer easy to overturn. It is most suitable for the office or carry it with you. You no longer have to worry about turning the cup to wet important documents and electronic equipment. You can use the sucking cup to confuse you! In line with the US Food and Drug Administration standards, the materials are safe to use. It can also hold hot drinks, double-layer insulation and heat resistance. A variety of styles of colorful, easy to choose! It is a lightweight cup that is convenient to carry out on a trip! Our brand - [sucking odd] MIGHTY MUG is a brand created by American design company. The first product is to suck the cup, and when it comes out, it will set off a wave of buying in advanced countries such as the United States, Europe and Japan. The smart magic sucker design is the only mug in the world that can grab the tabletop and can't push it down. It is definitely the most necessary and trustworthy partner in the office and home desk! MIGHTY MUG products are designed in the United States, made in Taiwan, and the superior features and international quality are worthy of your trust. The function is simple to use and intuitive to operate, bringing you a wonderful new experience! ★ Evolution, light and stylish ★ Magic sucker, grab the table and no longer flip the cup. ★The lid is tightly dustproof and splashproof. ★Materials meet the US FDA food safety certification. ★ Does not contain environmental hormone BPA Free. ★ Double layer and cover, the insulation effect is even more divided! ★ Intimate flat-turn design, the cover buckle is firmly stuck and will not fall down! ★ American design, Taiwan production in place (MIT). ★ Diversified color choices, colorful colors to make your daily life. 【Material Description】 Cover, inner cup, outer cup: PP (heat resistant temperature -20 ° C ~ 105 ° C) Bottom cup: ABS Bottom suction cup, sealing ring: silicone Capacity: 11 oz. (320c.c) Size: cup bottom diameter 7cm, cup height 16.6cm Weight: 232g Color: purple 【Precautions】 ★ Suitable for cold/hot drinks ★ After injecting hot liquid, let stand for 3~5 minutes and then cover it. ★Do not shake the double-layer lightweight cup when you have hot drinks inside. ★Do not microwave or freeze the double-layer lightweight cup ★Sucking double-layer lightweight cups only play a role on a clean, sturdy smooth surface ★ When loading hot drinks, do not put them where young children can get them. ★ Wash before the first use and after each use ★ Please put it in the top layer when you put it in the dishwasher. ★Do not remove the base from the body to avoid damage. ★ Do not use bleach, chloride, abrasive or other irritating chemicals to clean ★ Do not hit or improperly push the double-layer lightweight cup to avoid damage. YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vDSLhvCdh4 [Introduction to the brand] It is an international new brand developed and designed by the United States and made in Taiwan. It solves the problems encountered in daily life and hopes to bring people a more convenient life. It has an American style and is constantly innovating at the forefront. It is good at using different elements and materials, subverting the original impression of the product and developing more fresh ideas. The first hot-selling product, "Sucking the Cup," has a smart magic sucker design. The biggest selling point is that it won't fall down anyway. It will only leave the desktop when it is picked up vertically. The only patented product, it is especially suitable for the majority of office workers, no longer worried that documents or computers will be damaged by flipping cups, successfully solve the problems encountered by office workers, but also recommended to families with young children and pets. Easy and practical, it is closer to your daily life. It has the singularity of American descent, inherits the spirit of American culture, bold use of color, American casual style, and the colorful and beautiful product appearance has practicality, which makes the introduction of Qiqi one popular in the United States and hits Japan, which has caused success. Caused a rush to buy. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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