<Classic toppings> 鮝 㸆 pig's feet


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    430g x 1
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    Indulge in appetite ‧ Enjoy your tongue and toppings Erduotang the best time to cook dishes, regardless of the cost of
  • Indulge in appetite ‧ Enjoy your tongue and toppings

    Erduotang the best time to cook dishes, regardless of the cost of labor cooking.鲞, that is, salted dried fish, first roasted, extract the oil, fragrant, with the gum up to the middle of the selected middle of the pig, stir, small fire brine, stewed pork, pig meat, ribs, skin, bone , Full of tasty, Q tender and flexible, sucking refers to the aftertaste, do not say you do not "鲞", eat will continue to "think" read the sweet and savory sweet taste. Definitely Kung Fu dish a big representative.

    「Content」: adopt vacuum packaging method
    Warm body pig's feet, dried bonito, star anise, pepper, cinnamon, wine, crystal sugar, onion, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, soy sauce.

    "Eat and Save Hot Food": Enjoy this flavor!

    Adopted mining water heating method:
    The vacuum packaging into the general stainless steel pot, and then into the cold water for heating, about 10 minutes until the pot boiled water, that is heated to complete.
    The second head of the bag is resistant to high temperatures and freezing resistant material (-20 ~ 100 degrees, boiling water can be up to 15 to 20 minutes), remove the care package soup hot, so as not to be hot!

    Electric pot heating method:
    Directly into Datong electric pot or general stainless steel pot, the outer pot plus a glass of water, steam for about 20 minutes (until the heating key to take off) that is heated to complete, if you want more hot, repeat the above steps.

    ● vacuum packaging, our food does not contain any chemical added, after opening as soon as possible after consumption, reducing the number of repeated heating, but also to maintain the flavor of food.

    ● In order to ensure the quality fresh, we make the order after the order, need to wait, the fastest three to five days to arrive, the exact arrival time, please confirm with the next time.

    ● Do not add preservatives to all foods. If the food is not eaten on the day after the purchase, please refrigerate immediately and remove the freezer to thaw the first 8 to 10 hours before eating. This is the best way to reduce the loss of nutritional value.

    ● Shipping goods do not contain the items in the picture.

    ■ Weight / Size: Total weight 700g ± 10% / solid 430g ± 10% / box
    ■ Packaging: vacuum frozen packaging
    ■ shelf life: frozen one month / refrigerated three days
    ■ Save method: Save frozen

    Nutritional labeling (each containing 100 grams of food)
    Heat ...................... 145 kcal
    Protein ................... 11.9 grams
    Fat ....................... 9.3 grams
    Saturated fat ................ 2.8 grams
    Trans fat ................ 0 grams
    Carbohydrates ............. 6.2 grams
    Sodium ........................... 574 mg

    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Origin / Taiwan, handmade
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<Classic toppings> 鮝 㸆 pig's feet

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