BAUBAX WINDBREAKER versatile windproof jacket type (M) - Red

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BAUBAX WINDBREAKER versatile windproof jacket type (M) - Red


**Surface strongest versatile travel jacket**
**15 kinds of functions once met: * * Inflatable airplane pillow goggles wipe lens cloth * * * Gloves pens and so many other features**
**Four kinds of styles with your**
**Using high-quality fabrics**

[Surface strongest versatile travel jacket -Kickstarter and NT $ 680 million fund-raising success Indiegogo !!]
American brand Baubax, as you love to travel, to create the most versatile travel jacket surface

**15 kinds of functions to meet again**
* Inflatable airplane pillow / goggles / lens cloth swab / gloves / pen
* Stylus / cell phone pocket / headphone with fixed / tablet bag / Action Power Bag
* Passport bag / glasses bag / drink bag / towel bag / multi-pocket warmth

**Four kinds of styles with your**
Windbreaker type jacket windproof
Bomber Flight Jacket
Hoodie Sweatshirt
Blazer jacket wrinkle-free

**[Inflatable airplane pillow]**
Built-in inflatable pillow coat aircraft, eliminating the need to carry heavy pillows trouble, through the latest technology, inflatable only 2 seconds.
Airplane pillow collection in the hat, go out travel is not afraid to lose.
After use, you can quickly press a getter, receiving aircraft pillow easier.

Built goggles located the leading edge of the hat, put on his hat at the same time, you can achieve goggles function.

Built located cuff gloves, either fly or travel, can easily warm.

**[Headphones] fixing band**
Built-in headphone straps earphone housing easier.

**[Action] Power Bag**
Built-action power bags, portable mobile power, ready for your phone fully charged.

**[] Towel Bag**
When traveling, in order to stay warm and comfortable jacket built towel bag for easy storage towels.

**[Drinks] bags**
Built-drink special bags. Hands no longer busy, enjoy a leisurely.

**[Tablet Bag]**
Built-in 10-inch tablet computer bags, eliminating the need for both boarding the trouble, but also carry the backpack empty space.

**[Zip] = retractable pen**
Remove the pen can be turned, pen body length of either your stretch 1 inch to 4 inches is not a problem.

**[Zip] = stylus**
The other end of the fastener also includes a stylus function.

**[Smartphone] bags**
Built-in cell phone pocket located on the headphone fixing band below collections phone headset adapter, once in place.

**[Glasses bag]**
Coat the other side of the built-in special glasses bag, easy to store glasses.

**[Microfiber cleaning cloth]**
Then coat the inner glasses cloth, easy to clean microfiber lens.

**[] Passport Bag**
Built jacket chest passport bags, while storing travel documents, customs clearance, boarding safe and easy.

**[Multi-pocket warmth]**
Coat pocket multi-layer design, warm cold hands.

**[Removable inflatable airplane pillow]**
Baubax four jackets equipped with a removable inflatable airplane pillow to protect the quality of sleep.

**[Removable hat]**
Flight jacket, wrinkle-free suit jacket additionally with removable caps.

Remove wrinkle Blazer hat, you can quickly become a professional suit.

**[Top] Material**
Baubax international clothing materials suppliers, using high-quality fabrics, to create a top-dress.

**※ If the tag has been cut or water, do not accept returns**
**※ Based Gerenweisheng considerations, inflatable neck pillow inflatable blowing if not accept returns**
**※ commodity because different brands use different screen and resolution, resulting in a slightly different picture color rendering,**
**Please shipping real product colors prevail.**
**※ Please disassemble inflatable pillow and stylus cleaning**
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in PRC


中国 (送料着払い)
マカオ (送料着払い)
香港 (送料着払い)


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