"Flower" literary magazine No. 59 - 22 kinds of lonely book house

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"Flower" literary magazine No. 59 - 22 kinds of lonely book house


Bimonthly, "boiled fish culture" published, published every single month, in business, triple, world, China, Kubrick, Page One, Eslite, Musical, Preamble, Yulin, Pastoral and other available. Partial stock is limited and is on sale. Executive language / unplug ◎ Tan Ying poetry To buy or not to buy──This is a spell that every meditation in the bookstore goes through. Later such a struggle spread to the library, the war situation is relatively no serious bookstore, as long as moved, you want to borrow the book, to worry about just getting fainted in the fines receipt. The neat bookshelf of the bookstore is the same as the theme park. It creates a fantasy reading space. Fingertips can slide smoothly along the slippery spines along the sorting labels and carefully and sharply resist the sharp pages in the light of just the right- ─ Or, just like you now? However, the fact may be that, at the time of reading this line, you are holding the rolled up cover and your elbows pressed on another stack of books? It is a luxury to have one's own study in Hong Kong so that it can only be placed in every corner of the house and becomes a pillow for the table and chairs, leaving only a space for them to sit in comfortably. Three midnight, was tightly hugged by the book sea, and reading is unrequited love, like the book housewife, will know a kind of quiet happiness. Often in different places of insomnia, or strange train sleeper, surrounded by unknown horrors, I barely use the dim light, read a book has long been read many times, as if to take this can escape into their own room; And when companionship and affirmation are required, the book written by an acquaintance, the familiar voice, is slowly passed between pages, though the voices have passed away, yet they can still reflect from their stories The sense of synchronization to exterminate the loneliness. Whenever I hear someone predicting the Internet is the end of books, I think of the movie "After Tomorrow," the protagonist fled into the library to escape the wind and snow. All the civilization built by science and technology broke down immediately after the power was cut off, the computers became scrap iron, people fled to the library kept their books and kept heating up, in order not to throw Nietzsche's book in the fireplace. Unplug the wires, our civilization still left? Online short films may not be as good as wall murals for many years, and sophisticated knowledge becomes a part of mythology in unreplicable high-tech relics. No one can testify. As a matter of material existence, in addition to containing knowledge, experience and memory, the space it occupies makes it possesses the qualifications of transcending time. One day, when the ice ages come like a movie block, someone finds a "flower" from the dark pile of books, where they write down the people who once lived with the book. How they used the reading to explore the infiniteness of the universe. How to use it Text clothed in the flowing world and confused, creating lagging and advanced poetry, discussing the concepts and meanings of aesthetics - these are things worth remembering again. It is because we wishfully put them printed on paper, secretly hidden in the house, waiting to be a long time travel important luggage. Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong


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