Island-Is Land!! 嶋之声系列组

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Island-Is Land!! 嶋之声系列组


\Island-Is Land!!/嶋之声▽系列组
∣Main material ∣ coconut shell + brass
∣Package size ∣22x12.5x1cm (length x width x height)

Taiwan is the Mother Island of the Pan Pacific nation
Indigenous people were born in the millennium for a long time.
This island is fed like a mother for generations.

Taiwan is the world's highest biodiversity density
Mountains, river valleys, oceans, plains
In this small island
There are many species that are unimaginable.

▲ 嶋 嶋 ▲ design concept -
〃Brass material〃
| Diamond = ancestral spirit, wisdom from generation to generation
|Bronze pipe + chain = river, life (sound)
| Snake End = Life Species
〃 coconut shell flat beads 象征 = symbolizes the self-sufficiency and cherished nature of the aborigines collected in nature
(ps. The coconut shell part _ because of nature, there are traces of nature ~^^)

The sound of the island, the gentle call in the ear
Calling the children who live on this land
Simple, natural, contented, Changle
It can also be very fashionable. ^^

★Maintenance Tips - How to take care★
* Leather cords or wax cords are waterproof, but to maintain product quality, please try not to wear them when bathing or swimming.
* Glass beads, imaginary animal horns can be wiped with mild oil such as baby cloth and baby oil, which will make it bright and beautiful.
*If the metal material is worn for a long time, it will easily lead to oxidative fading due to contact with the skin and under various environmental conditions. It can be wiped clean with a silver cloth; brass should be wiped with a soft cloth of copper oil to remove the spot weight. It is like a new look.
*The related works are mostly fragile materials such as glass fiber. Please avoid falling, squeezing and avoiding damage.

★ Warm reminder ★
1. The photo of the product is a photo. The color difference is normal due to the difference in the ambient light source between the computer display and the camera.
2. This product has a variety of items with color, the item color is subject to physical shipment.
3. The goods are handmade products, can not be made 100% fine and identical, it is inevitable that there are imperfections, please forgive me! If the buyer is extremely demanding, please be careful to place an order to avoid disputes.
4. The workshop receives the 7-11 order notice and will contact you again to confirm if you will pick up the goods on time. To avoid ordering, do not pick up the goods, increase the burden of the workshop.
Buyers will not pick up the goods as follows, and the workshop will cancel all qualifications. Please be cautious to place an order~ Thank you!
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan / handmade warm heart production


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