Not like the painted hand-painted exclusive red bag

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Limited to 50 groups, not sold out after sale~ Send a red envelope and start from the red envelope! Send the cutest red bag for everyone


Not like the painted hand-painted exclusive red bag


Exclusive ______ red envelope ~ **You can customize the characters that don't look like you!** ✴ The minimum purchase price is more than $250 before shipping! ✴ Currently, you can enjoy mail delivery without shipping! For example, the arrival of the year before (2/4 New Year's Eve) [Super take]: The slowest 2/2 on Saturday before 20:00, can be sent the same day, should arrive on the business on Monday (but there is no guarantee that there will be delay in logistics) It is best to place an order before 20:00 on Friday! 👈🏻 (Successful arrival on Sunday) [mailing]: Be sure to place your order before 12:00 noon on Thursday, and you can order it on Thursday. It should be the next day (but there is no delay in logistics). (But usually the next day I will go to the post office of the county and city, I really can't get it by myself.) 👉🏻 It is best to place an order before 1:00 noon on Wednesday to be safer! 👈🏻 (If you are successful, you can arrive on Thursday) ◆**Orders must be more than NT.250 yuan to be established** (You can make 250 yuan with other products) The material is a Leni paper red bag, the material is relatively stiff, and it is handy when picked up (˶ ̅᷄ −̫ ̅᷅˵) Text/picture is pure handwriting Each hand retains the handwritten temperature, which is perfect for a red envelope bag! [Order method is as follows] Please read the order and read the order🙌🏼 A: Spend at least $200 per order Each sheet can be different~ Can also be purchased with a text-only version (Text version: ) B: 📌**content can be written by hand within 10 words.** 🧞‍♂️ Trouble in the order, write down the order in the order note (do not exceed 10 words) 📌**Or you can pick the following words** **You can 'free' the "title/name" you want to match in the upper right corner.** 0. Daughter's hard earned money 1. Dafu Dagui Dafuqi 2. Year-end full purse, family music Taotao 3. For the new year, please advise 4. The pig is smooth and smooth, and the New Year’s good luck and good luck. 5. Blessing, wealth, luck, peach blossoms also come. 6. The new year, forget those who are not good, only keep a beautiful chapter 7. This year, the trouble continues to feed me full, wow, I love you. 8. Pig big bag (Minnan language: foot big bag) 9. Fu Ru Donghai, Wow Love 10. I wish you a lot of water (this is really suitable for girls to write to parents) 11. Congratulations to get rich, take the red envelope 12. I wish you all the best, and everything is going well. 13. I wish you good health, 呷二二 14. Do your own sun, you are not afraid of no light 15. Work hard and live hard 16. Live a good life 17. Eat well, wear warm, peace and safety 18. Always with you 19. Tomorrow will be better 20. Always let you rely! 21. A hundred years of good, white-headed old If you want to use the above sentences When you place an order, write down the number of sheets, the complete number, the sentence, the name/name to be added in the order note! ! (or you can also simply add a sentence without a name) C: Send a photo that shows one's characteristics For example, photos with hairstyles, glasses, and faces Or can you dictate directly (for example: dad wearing glasses) If you order more than one Trouble Figure 1, Figure 2 传送 Send and express in order! **That, after all, it is not like painting, and it is not expected to report too high expectations~(˶ ̅᷄ −̫ ̅᷅˵)** We hope that everyone will be able to smile when they send out~~ D: Choose silver or gold Only one color can be selected for an order~ The silver word will be brighter and the gold word will be more stable. I think it’s all good. (If there is no remark, it will directly help with random selection) (Each order can only choose one color) 🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮 Remarks such as: Hello, I want a total of 5, choose the silver word 2. Year-end full purse, family music Taotao + Agong + Figure 1 3. New year, please advise + 婕 + + Figure 2 10. I wish you a lot of water to kill + mother + Figure 3 12. I wish you all the best in your money, everything is fine~ 13. Daughter's hard earned money Thank you 🙏 🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮🏮 If there is no remark, it will affect the shipping speed! If you want any questions, please feel free to ask! At present, the order can be shipped as soon as possible after the order is placed, and the shipment can be delivered within 3 days at the slowest. Material: Leni paper, the back is always red Size: 8.5*17.9 cm (without sealing) Text: The font size is handwritten, so it must be different from the sample. If you don't mind, don't place an order~ The highest price! Everyone has been together for years.


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