【L.Luthier】 LAVA coco pineapple wood veneer guitar small Jumbo barrel beveled chamfer

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Coco pineapple wood is the biggest characteristic of its dark red lines and rugged wood grain, Because of the color and



【L.Luthier】 LAVA coco pineapple wood veneer guitar small Jumbo barrel beveled chamfer


Master Series Coco Pineapple Wood L.Luthier guitar in the high-end series of models Mainly presented in two kinds of wood, the most advanced cocoa pineapple wood Coco Pineapple wood is the biggest characteristic of its dark red lines with rough wood Because of the color and texture similar to volcanic lava so named Lava The most impressive impressive timbre with calm, vigorous bass Echoing when playing often gives the illusion of a built-in pickup Model: Lava Barrel body: small corner small JUMBO barrel body / SMALL JUMBO CUTAWAY Neck: Mahogany / MAHOGANY Fingerboard: Ebony / Ebony Panel: spruce veneer / 3A Solid Sitka Spruce Side Back: Coco Pineapple Wood Veneer / Solid Cocobolo Rosewood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQkGmax9bys Shipping process: Visual inspection ➜ Hand touch test ➜ Careful packaging ➜ Shipment on time With the piano comes with: Original piano bag, tuner, transfer folder, strap, shrapnel, wipe piano cloth, musical instruments dry package Warranty items: 1. According to the original string to adjust the standard, to provide permanent free adjustment service. 2. From the date of purchase, the string button within one year of failure or damage free replacement. 3. Since the purchase of musical instruments within one year of solid wood non-human factors resulting cracks, free replacement of musical instruments. 4. To L.Luthier official authorized Taiwan maintenance station - Lu than music enjoy maintenance, maintenance 10% off. * The above warranty does not apply due to human or personal factors caused by damage to the wood deformation and replacement services. * To enjoy the warranty service must proactively present the warranty certificate. ⚠ Shipping instructions: 1. Musical instrument part of the unified use of home delivery. 2. Sent are calculated as a single unit, freight can not be combined. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - L.Luthier - Malaysia original guitar Barrel Design In order to improve the general low-frequency body is not enough mellow plump problem L.Luthier designed a smaller JUMBO barrel body that is more suitable for Asians than the regular JUMBO barrel body Not only does it bring better low frequency resonance, but also has a more comfortable hug experience for the player. L.Luthier - Malaysia Original Guitar Totem Design L.Luthier design set out to return to nature In the ring hole design round out the common round frame Change to embed five wood totem symbolizing the stone To present a simple and generous vision At a glance in the crowd can recognize:! This is L.Luthier's guitar "Head tilt design" Uphold the Never perfect, always better. There is no best, only a better spirit Specially designed to do a bevel on the piano head On behalf of not perfect, but also vigilant themselves have to progress The so-called "no piano people come from the luthier?" L.Luthier hopes to constantly improve technology To make better guitar feedback to the players https://i.imgur.com/1BNI8eY.png


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