Blue Q zip pocket - Shoes family love shoes

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Blue Q zip pocket - Shoes family love shoes


We just want you to be happy American fashion brand, giving you unlimited creative humor! ★ funny point of view, bright colors, independent designers ★ unique creative style, leading the world trend of young ★ sponsorship public interest groups, practice the concept of a better world ★ environmental regeneration material production, fashion can love the earth ★ Best Quality requirements for the best quality, give you the best design **About the Q Blue** From the United States, founded in 1988, Blue Q, The humor of Seth and Mitch Nash Brotherhood leadership, Design a funny one varied and lively daily necessities, Within a few years, had swept through the world of the young market, Blue Q is representative of Best Quality, in addition to the requirements of quality, In cooperation with world-renowned independent designers, Give you the best quality and the best design! **Easy to carry, "bag" the go - Blue Q zipper bags** Perfect portable size, it has a different general appearance of wrinkled, But rest assured because it is environmentally friendly as you love the earth, Use of environmentally friendly recycled material production, please feel at ease to buy c: Yes, it has super bright multi-select, you'll like it! In addition to these there are: ● just the right size, you can put all your Blue Q bag ● sturdy waterproof material, the use of more comfortable ● recycling sack reconstituted, 95% recycling material woven ● donate 1% of turnover to The Nature Conservancy **Design concept:** To say that she likes shoes is like saying there are a few people who like surfing the web. You can not touch the bottom of her closet. She does not travel with less than 4 pairs. A subtle hint of a zipper pouch might just let her know that YOU know that she means business. If you want to describe how she loved the shoes, the Internet is like some people like to indulge. You can not see the end of her shoe ... she never went out with less than four pairs of shoes! A small zipper bag subtle hint, perhaps you can let her know that you know she was serious. **Designer: Christine Berrie (Scotland Scotland)** ■ Name: Blue Q zipper bags ■ Material: 95% recycling material (recycling sack) ■ Size: Length 23cm x 17cm high ■ Weight: 30g Precautions: ■ Blue Q series bags are environmentally friendly materials (recycled rice bags) and then woven from the system, there will be a slight surface wrinkles Signs, is a normal phenomenon, non-defective, such as the surface of a perfectionist, Please consider the purchase, Thank you. ■ product colors may vary depending on shooting relations page rendering and color, pictures are for reference only, according to the actual commodity Availability styles prevail. ■ To return goods please keep the goods intact, no scratches, and the merchandise must be "new unused" status. Origin / manufacturing methods American design, manufacture China


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