Ning's small round bag / coin purse

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**Specification**: 12cm*12cm


Ning's small round bag / coin purse


Please carefully read the specifications and the minimum precautions of the product before purchasing!! Currently in stock! It is a round bag!! I liked the round bag from the past and I have a dream of a dream. It was also the first time I did black goods!! This time there are big bags and small bags. Big bag is a big bag that can hold iPhone plus The small bag is a coin purse that can be loaded with a leisure card headset, and so on. It can be hung on a backpack bag. **Specification**: 12cm*12cm It’s not machine making, it’s handmade, it’s also screen printing. So please perfectionists don't place orders!!!! Available in red and black The hook is 360 degrees and can be rotated very conveniently! Can be hung like this: You can buy a pocket change headset!! Can hold the leisure card headset change and other small things The coin purse is a hook that can be hung in many places and is easy to carry. ---Note--a must-see -----! 1. There may be a small difference between the computer screen and the actual product color. It is normal and cannot be returned. 3. Use the mailer if you want to receive it earlier and you can purchase a limited time registration 4. Please make sure that the email address written is correct and that someone can collect it!!! If you have not received the contact as soon as possible after more than four days of shipment, we will also attach the tracking number to the website of the post office! 5. If you use the supermarket to pick up the goods, please pick up the goods within one week after receiving the newsletter. If the return shipping time exceeds the time, you need to pay again! If the freight is not replenished for more than 2 months, the order will be voided! 6. Please confirm again if the receipt information is correct after ordering!! 7. For the individual designers who do not need to do business registration according to law (the monthly turnover does not exceed 80,000 yuan), they have not obtained the unified number issued by the taxation authority, so they cannot open a unified invoice or receipt in accordance with the tax law! 8. Payment time: Please complete the payment action within 7 days after the order is placed. After payment, the system will automatically notify the designer and the designer will send the item to you. 9. The delivery time after the spot is sent out is about one to two days! 10. Please check the quantity and the goods immediately after getting the goods. If there is any problem, please do it within one week and do not use it. If it is more than the time, you will find that it will not be processed any more. Thank you! :) Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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