Gift Box (Honey Fragrant Oolong Tea + Tea Bag) | FUN ll x Fong Cha

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Fun ll

Gift Box (Honey Fragrant Oolong Tea + Tea Bag) | FUN ll x Fong Cha

商品説明 Taiwan's tradition of tea culture combined with the holiday gift red envelope bag, to further share with others, passing on the cultural value! Gift box - honey oolong loose tea + tea bag Use Fong Cha (Feng tea) from the Taitung Lu wild honey oolong loose tea, bags of tea, and FUN ll dog to be rich red bag; bags of tea package for the triangular three-dimensional package allows you to start light, brew anytime, anywhere, Taste delicious tea from Taitung! Lunar New Year meet - transfer and sharing New Year's first encounter Returning to New Year every year when the Lunar New Year Lunar New Year, will be to the familiar temple under the banyan tree and elders, a friend sitting on the bench, while eating a little while sipping tea from Lao Chen family to provide passers-by drinking tea ... ... Every time I go back to Luye, Taitung on Chinese New Year, I'll always go sit on the bench with family and friends under that familiar banyan tree by the temple, enjoying desserts paired with the tea for passersby that was served by the Chen family ... Dogs: Lao Chen! What is the origin of "serving tea"? Mr. Chen! What is the origin of "fong cha"? Lao-chan: Actually, "serving tea" is a curbside tea culture set by Taiwan's early passers-by to quench their thirst. It conveys considerate feelings and natural human touch without paying any return. Initially, "fong cha" was a Taiwanese street tea culture to cater to passersby's thirst. It presents human touch with unconditional consideration. Dog: wow! The original meaning of serving tea so warm! However, in fact, whenever people can share with others and pass on cultural values, just as the annual red envelope gift bag is a cultural expression conveying "ceremony". Wow! I did not know that "fong cha" had such a heart-warming meaning! We can actually share cultural values anytime, just like how the red envelopes symbolize "gift-sharing" during Chinese New Year. Old Chen: Ah! It is just like the spirit of tea, after all, the emotion between people is the most valuable. It is hoped that the meaning behind "serving tea" and "red envelope bag" will allow people to unite into a stronger human touch! Yes, like the spirit of "fong cha", the most precious thing is always the feelings between people. Hopefully the meanings behind "fong cha" and "red envelope" could bond all of us tightly together! Package Size: (W) 25.8 x (H) 25.8 x (D) 8 cm Product Packing: Feng tea honey oolong loose tea x1 tank + honey oolong tea bag x6 + dog to the rich red bag 2 into / group Tea origin and specifications: honey oolong loose tea 50g (cans) / honey Hong tea bags 3g (bags) - Taitung Luye Red gift bag Product Dimensions: (W) 21.7 x (H) 8.8 cm, there is a lanyard in the black box below the gift bag + use a small card that Oh! Other product links: Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / Taiwan


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