【Series of paper craft】- Colorful flowers - Senbazuru earrings

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Name:《Colorful flowers》 Material:Senbazuru, stainless steel dangles(knots), ear clips Package:Cardboard box


【Series of paper craft】- Colorful flowers - Senbazuru earrings


Artist Statement: There are beautiful legends and cultural heritage of Senbazuru, and it becomes the sustenance of people's feelings. They bring your blessings to people who are sent. Each Senbazuru carry a little blessing and finally achieve a wish. At the beginning, people only use to pray for patients recover quickly, and later they pray for the success of something. Products’ characteristic: ◎ 100% handmade. So every earrings can be customized to meet your needs. However, there are small bubbles or lines made by folding on hand-made products are inevitable, they won’t affect products! ◎ Each piece of paper is different. Even if the same piece of paper is cut, the pattern on same pair of earrings’s left and right sides will be different. But we will select the same color to make one pair. So that’s why makes each pair unique! ◎ There are situations of different postures in Senbazuru which are natural and add the jewelry more dynamic and real! ◎ Natural materials can not exposed to ultraviolet light too often which may cause the color become darker or lighter, but it is a normal phenomenon. ◎ There are resin or strengthening liquid coated in products to prevent water, but still not recommended to soak into water for a long time! ◎ Above all, please pay attention! Maintenance: §When you wear it, you should§ ◎ Avoid water (including sweat), steam(bath) room, hot spring or placed in a high humidity environment. If the product gets wet, it is recommended to temporarily remove it and dry it as soon as possible. And use a towel to clean your skin. ◎ Avoid direct contact with chemicals such as cosmetics, detergents or chlorine in swimming pools to reduce the occurrence of erosion. Those who are used to spray perfume are recommended to wear jewelry after spraying. §When you don’t wear it, you should§ ◎ Due to the humid climate in Taiwan, use a clean cloth to wipe off water, sweat or grease on the jewelry before storage. Keep dry and store them separately to avoid friction and damage. ◎ Silver polishing cloth is specially for wiping silver jewelry. Do not use it on alloy products, it will wipe its color and protection out! Precautions: ◎ Although the protection makes the product not easy to break, when you wear it, need to avoid pulling or pressing hard! ◎ The ear clip is made of alloy material. If you have an allergy to some particuler materials, please consider your physical condition. If you have doubts about wearing, please discuss with us! ◎ We try our best to present the original appearance of the work. However, due to the commercial photos displayed on the screen display, the color may be different. Return or Exchange: ◎ Each product will be sold after strict inspection. Unless it is totally different from website, we will not make any refund or return. ◎ If you have any questions, please contact us directly. We will reply you as soon as possible. ─Sunny_fish_handmade─ Wish you have a wonderful day.


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