Large Butterfly Earrings - White // Big Butterfly Earrings - White

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Large Butterfly Earrings - White // Big Butterfly Earrings - White


Designed for modern women who are motivated, self-conscious, and brave. From the simple dress when traveling to the formal dress to work, can easily with. Far looks, showing a neat moon; closer look, Elegant lines and well-designed structure, can not hide its edge. ANNXANNXDESIGN look forward to sharing with you by extracting the image of the butterfly in the eyes of the ANN, No fear to express their own special quality spirit / Size / Ear size: 3 x 4 x 0.7 cm Ear hook size: 1 x 2.5 cm / Material / Ear 墬: 3d printing nylon Ear hook: Sterling Silver / Operate and maintain / Wear when you avoid excessive force pull Oh! Prickly heat part itself has a little flexibility, but it will still be hard to pull pull. Need your gentle care ~ Plastic parts for cleaning, water rinse for 1 minute; Ear hook part, wipe with a clean tissue / Designer and brand profile / ANNXANNXDESIGN was founded in 2013 by Han-Yin Hsu in Los Angeles, California. I like to think the the body as a landscape for jewelry. My designs are focused on expressing the elegance of this landscape, and exploring the gesture of each element as it rests on the skin. "I think the body is the jewel's landscape, and my jewelery design focuses on the elegance of the landscape, And explore each unit leaning on the skin posture " Founded in Los Angeles in 2013, ANNXANNXDESIGN is based in Han-Yin Hsu, a Taiwan-based designer from the United States, using 3D printing technology to create versatile bodies with well-versed 3D computer modeling. The independent personality of the body is a more intuitive existence. Like smelling or hugging, whether you / you like or dislike a taste or touch, can hardly be convinced by stereotypes and ideologies other than intuition. To me, this is a kind of intimate understanding between people; it is also a kind of creature who believes, is still more accurate than talking. ANNXANNXDESIGN through the abstract form, to express a kind of silent emotion and thinking. Body quiet and heated, can be a way of communication; Like the words of erratic thoughts condensed, fell on the paper. I used to create, would like to invite you / you to experience, life and different cultures give me inspiration and inspiration. Origin / manufacturing methods United States