Elegant ~ comfrey milk moisturizing soap (noble and nourishing soap)

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Cold weather, do you often feel that the skin is dry and white, it looks very unsightly? The comfrey soaked olive oil with shea butter and other fresh moisturizing oils gives the soap a moisturizing effect. Together with the bitter orange evening fragrant


Elegant ~ comfrey milk moisturizing soap (noble and nourishing soap)


Soap design inspiration: The first time I heard the comfrey came from Ziyun cream. Lithosperm, also known as Confucius, has been used in everyday life since the Roman era. I immersed the comfrey in olive oil for half a year. The extract contains allergic cells of activated cells as a skin-friendly moisturizing ingredient, together with mild detergency palm kernel oil and avocado oil. Shea butter, cocoa butter, and emollient honey make a noble, inexpensive moisturizing soap. Ingredients: palm stone oil, palm oil, comfrey soaked olive oil, shea butter, honey, cocoa butter, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, bitter orange tuberose compound essential oil, pure water 用途 Use: Cleanse the skin. 重量 Weight: 100 ± 10g 包装 Packaging: Vacuum packaging. 熟 Mature date: marked on the outer packaging. ◇ Shelf life: 18 months ◇ Storage: Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place and avoid exposure to high temperatures or direct sunlight. ◇ Method: Hand-cooled soap. 产 Origin: Taiwan Precautions: 1. The natural color of handmade soap will fade over time, which is normal and does not affect the use. 2. It is recommended to use with a foaming bag (soap bag) or a bathing ball to help create foam. 3. Handmade soap soap is softer than commercially available soap. After unpacking, please keep the soap body dry. It is recommended to use two pieces of soap alternately to extend the service life. 4. The shelf life of handmade soap is 18 months, but if it is properly preserved, there will be no oil consumption and rancidity. Although it can exceed the shelf life, it can be used with confidence. 5. Since the handmade soap is weakly alkaline, please avoid touching the eyes when using it. If you accidentally touch the eyes and cause irritation, please rinse immediately with plenty of water. 6. If you feel allergic to the skin after use, stop using it immediately. 7. Please keep it out of reach of infants and young children to avoid curious eating. 8. If you accidentally eat, please drink plenty of water as soon as possible and send it to the doctor immediately. 9. Hand-made cold soap method, each soap will have some slight differences in color, size, weight, pattern, but the quality and use will not affect, please feel free to use. 10. This product is a consumable product for personal use. Once it is opened, it cannot be returned or exchanged.


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