006 birds and flowers swan neck _ _ _ pendants original painting birds and flowers on red round _ _ mini artwork painted jewelry Size

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006 birds and flowers swan neck _ _ _ pendants original painting birds and flowers on red round _ _ mini artwork painted jewelry Size


size - Width: 38mm - Height: 38mm - Depth: 4mm have - Weight: 12-14g data - Rice paper - Acrylic paint - Transparent resin - Base Alloys -petal - Natural cowhide character chain package - Translucent paper envelope Bird - Bird Creative This is the Swan circular works, an early design, not so perfect, but it is indeed a very special design, can be elegant if extreme, so if someone likes and told me it would be great! I was created a series of birds, flowers and birds interactive, sizes, fascinated me for a while between them. Radian swan neck is so elegant, but it is perpendicular to the surface of the water, as if in meditation and compassion. And their mouth is pink, a special red. Irregular petals is not exactly a perfect match in their bodies on the neck. Focused on creating a mood, rather than the birds themselves. Petals become more relaxed. They just need me carefully put together, but conform to the natural shape of each flower, into the bird itself. Flower bird, bird is the flower. But it is the whole mood, it really is abstract. Birds are forest elves, if you truly love nature, you'll marvel at the mystery and beauty of these small animals. I really like the sound of birds across the sky, so creating these works, depicting birds, contrast contour pen and screen size of the flower is very special. Bird is a traditional Chinese painting of a large variety. This bird is a traditional Chinese aesthetics implicit theme, one of the modern interpretation of traditional elements of the test sample. I never thought to stop creating. Forming a unique landscape. They are wearable works of art. Both men and women. The pendant is waterproof, but please do not turn off the hot water, avoid high temperature, please take off when you bathe them. Even if the resin waterproof and UV resistance, does not become yellow time. Metal pendant is wear-resistant and basic security. Wooden pendant is not waterproof, please take care. Do not be too humid storage conditions. Avoid prolonged exposure to bright light. Flowers and foliage class works, the color of the entire work will slowly fade in a few years. I hope not mind too much, because this change. If you do not mind, please ask me. Origin / manufacturing methods Shanghai / handmade


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