Take a Snooze眯[A group aroma experience group] skin-friendly balm mini spray optional aroma

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You can mix and match the following favorite fragrances and fill out the order notes. Taiwan's fragrance spray, using simple oil to extract fragrance, can be sprayed on the wrist and behind the ear, can also be used as a home fragrance and fabric fra


Take a Snooze眯[A group aroma experience group] skin-friendly balm mini spray optional aroma


Taking a break is for accomplishing a longer journey. - Rest is to go longer. ☾ 眯 It is what we want to give you, let us tell you the story with aroma. - 嗅 The sense of smell is the most easily overlooked in the five senses. Many people do not care about the aroma. The aroma can make the depression change, make the mood calm, and different fragrances can make people feel confident. 香 The aroma is subjective, so we have prepared aromas of different fragrances, using a single essential oil as the base modulation, the ingredients are simple, and the use is no burden. ☾ Product specifications — Original price|$660 Capacity|Mini Spray 10ml + Skin Lotion 15ml Ingredients|Ethanol, Antibacterial, and Extracted Essential Oils Customized|3 days after ordering Place of Origin|Taiwan Duration | cool can be placed for 2 - 3 years No added deodorant, plasticizer, animal ingredients, paraffin components, stabilizers. Purchase the accompanying bag 100% handmade You can match it yourself, choose your favorite aroma and fill out the order note. 调 Fragrance fragrance instruction manual— Taiwan's fragrance spray, using simple oil to extract fragrance, can be sprayed on the wrist and behind the ear, can also be used as a home fragrance and fabric fragrance, the ingredients are simple and no burden to use, no burden, gift exquisite and unique. Each aroma has a different story, I hope you find the aroma you like. — Aroma introduction — ▶ No.1 Thin USUKOH Main notes: white pomelo, white musk Refreshing and elegant white fragrance, white pomelo is the most popular aroma in Japan, with unbeaten white musk, refreshing and elegant aroma, comfortable and gentle, like a thin white shirt with a shower after a shower, slightly wet and comfortable Clean, suitable for elegant and clear you. ▶ No.2 Hongmei KOHBAI Main notes: cranberries, figs Sweet, like black tea with added sugar, a little bit elegant and classical, red ripe berries add a leaf with aroma of leaves, set off an elegant sweet tea fragrance, suitable for a unique and sweet you. ▶ No.3 Wool WOOL Main notes: cotton, honey A comfortable bedroom with a soft pink bed, which makes people feel soft and comfortable. The cotton aroma is warm and soft with a sweet honey blending floral aroma, suitable for those who are comfortable and warm. Can let you have a cup of hot tea in bed and read a good book without disturbing the accompanying aroma. ▶ No.4 Initial Bud Sprout Main notes: cucumber, bamboo Cheerful and refreshing, the first smile when you smell it, a familiar aroma with moisture, green aroma, the clean aroma of the bright and soft cucumber of the bamboo leaves, no men and women, is the bamboo forest just finished the heavy rain Occasionally dripping rain, clean and cheerful green notes, suitable for those who like to immerse in nature. ▶ No.6 Sakura SAKURA Main notes: cherry blossom, white tea Light pink, bright and clean, windy and sunny morning, with the light curtains of the morning breeze, the fragrance of pink flowers, with some fresh spring leaves, white tea makes the overall fragrance brighter and clearer Give you transparency and clarity. ▶ No.7 Misty Rose Misty Rose Main notes: peach, rose, rosewood Micro-flowers and woods, with mystery, with confidence, do not give people easy to touch, have their own principles, we like this kind of girl, despite the unique personality but still bring the girl's sweetness, not just the general rose, fit With a sweet rosewood, the whole is misty and unpredictable, suitable for you with a unique personality. ▶ No.8 楝OUCHI Main notes: bitter orange leaves, lavender, patchouli The moist soil of the forest, with aroma of leaves, close to the leisure time in the evening, walk to the nearby woods, smell the moist natural aroma, and occasionally discover the lavender, make the overall aroma soft and warm, suitable for the natural aroma before going to bed. For those who like woody calm aroma. ▶ No.9 Sunlight SUNNY Main notes: lemon, bergamot, vetiver The green lemon aroma of the lemon orchard, with sweet fruit and fresh green leaves, basking in the sun, picking up the lemon, the sweetness and sweetness of the fragrance, the summer is the first choice to give people a refreshing and bright atmosphere, for those who like the clear fruit. ▶ No.10 Baby Smile Baby Smile Main notes: pear, orange blossom, vanilla Some people say that this is a familiar smell. It seems to have been touched when it is still a baby. Taking the warm home as the main axis, after a long day of hard work, the comfort and warmth of returning home, with sweet fruit, will not It's too sweet, the whole is warm and comfortable, it is suitable anytime, anywhere, for you who like warm aroma. (No.10 baby smile Baby Smile This fragrance uses allergen-free essential oils, there are no pets and children at home!) ▶ No.11 Blue Sea Pine AIMIRU Main notes: sea salt, Jiling, pine On the beach, stepping on the tidal sea, after playing tired, the skin sticks with sand and sea breeze, returns to the wooden house to rest, soaks a cup of hot chamomile tea, looks at the magazine on the blue-green sofa, neutral A fascinating aroma, giving you a steady yet calm but still pure. ▶ No.12 Coral CORAL Main notes: peony, camellia, white musk The warm orange wall is hung with elegant white camellia, the beige fringed tablecloth is decorated with pink peony, blowing warm and warm flowers, drinking sweet fruit tea in the warm afternoon, eating sweet fruit cake with friends, beautiful and happy smile For you with a beautiful smile. ▶ No.15 Fujiya FUJITSUBA Main notes: Iris, guava, needles, green sandalwood The fresh aroma of vines and green leaves, if you imagine the woods that have been raining in the woods in the early morning, the raindrops remain on the green leaves, the rain is clean and fresh, the woods are filled with water, and the sweet guava around them is A vine leaf aroma that can breathe deeply with your eyes closed. ▶ No.16 Linen FLAX Main notes: hawksbill, gardenia, sunflower, magnolia Linen gauze and linen rattan chairs and linen thin blouses, Imagine in the cool air-conditioned room, with floor-to-ceiling windows all around the beige, the skin is simple and easy to shine on the light-skinned shawl It is like a fake perfume that is emitted from itself, simple and soft and gentle. - ☾ The flavoring formula is designed for Take a Snoozea. If you have any questions, please ask us. I hope you can find the aroma you like and wish you a good day. :Take a Snooze眯Handcrafting Experience: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/yYLGeAKb Taiwan 100% handmade 【Note】 If you have any redness, irritation, etc. after use, please stop using it immediately. And ask the dermatologist for instructions, thank you.


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