is the flower / peach pink bride bridesmaid wrist flower + corsage combination

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is the flower / peach pink bride bridesmaid wrist flower + corsage combination


Product desciption/ Peach pink wrist flower + corsage combination Wrist flower and corsage each one -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------ storage method/ 1. Dry flowers, not withered and fruit are all natural material, do not put in a humid environment. Blowing the southerly season easy to wet, you can open the dehumidifier maintenance. 2. Natural material occasionally small petals fall is a natural phenomenon, careful to reduce the collision caused by the loss. 3. To avoid the sun too long, fade will fade quickly. 4. If dust, soft brush can be used soft brush, can also be used low-temperature low-speed hair dryer to 60cm distance swing blowing. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------ After-sales service / Cherish every opportunity for your service, after receiving the goods if not satisfied, please photographed the goods according to contact me, for your proper handling Oh! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------ About is Flower / Like in the mountains between the wild, better than in the department store wandering. The keyboard can not play the sensibility, with a pencil will be able to write out. Keen on the combination of natural beauty to create new ideas, but fascinated by the ancient objects who, time traces of the traces. Because of the fifth grade and flower edge of the fate, began to work in the field of flowers, hoping to love things from paranoid, can be your heart beautiful imagination. All kinds of flowers / wedding layout / wedding dress / life flower course -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------ Exhort reminder / 1. Hand-made goods can not be exactly the same, there are various shapes of flowers, please carefully consider before buying. 2. If the flowers are short or poor quality, will be replaced by other suitable flowers Oh! 3. Hope to be happy to trade every time, before the purchase letter to ask, but also very happy after-sales service. Origin / manufacturing method Origin of Taiwan handmade