Customized MICO hand-sewn leather square pencil case

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Customized MICO hand-sewn leather square pencil case


We provide customized services, so you free to choose leather, engraved on the text of the text,
So that the product is unique and exclusive to you.

Please note your desired leather and lettering contents when placing your order.
Master Color Main color: ____________________________
Slave Color Color: ____________________________
Engraved text lettering content: ____________________________

In order to produce a more unique product than the leather pens on the market, MICO to design carton method, starting from the structural design, folding, suture, etc., after eight physical proofs production test, and finally succeeded The MICO leather square pencil case was born.
Leather square pencil box appearance is a simple cube, to conceal the magnet button for the opening and closing design, two folding triangular extension position made of soft nylon cloth, after cleverly hidden in the pencil box inside, one molding.
Leather square pencil case, open the leather is a rectangular box, stationery placed in which neat and not chaos, after the merger is a rectangular column, the appearance of simple and beautiful and easy to carry.

Product Code: # 1700626 / # 1700627
♥ Size: 18 (w) x4.5 (h) x4.5 (d) cm
♥ color: optional leather (two-color) variety of colors and different types of leather to choose from, leather materials will be updated from time to time.
Please note the color of the leather you want when placing your order.

♥ Weight: 35g
♥ Material Description: Vegetable tanned leather
Vegetable tanned leather is made of plant tannin tanning agent leather, does not contain harmful substances to the human body. Leather surface may have a slight scars, growth patterns, etc., with the daily use of color will gradually become caramel color, texture becomes moist, more toughness.
♥ Specifications: Store 8-10 pen
♥ Production period: 5-7 days
♥ lettering service: large English alphabet, height 5mm limit 10 letters, lettering content and location please contact MICO

♥ Production period: 5-7 days

♥ Designer & Brand Profile ♥
MICO Handicraft Workshop was founded in 2012 by Michael Choi.
MICO Hand-stitched Leather Works from Hong Kong's hand-sewn leather brand, focused on creating simple, unique and durable leather products, the traditional double needle single-line hand sewing techniques, with the passage of time and use habits, each piece will become unique And exclusive to your leather products.

!!!!! Aster haunt, pay attention !!!!!

Sales of products from the Internet, encountered some malicious guests, such as other competitors, malicious orders (to assess the risk of re-manufacturing products, re-shipment after a full refund, and finally a negative assessment)

Each of our products is also wholeheartedly, spend a lot of time a hand-sewn hand-made, and any guest dispute is also an injury to us.

All guests must first understand the following before purchasing a product.
Perfectionist, actress, other rivals, bad reviews, time impatient, do not buy our products.

1. Because each piece of finished products are hand-sewn, hand man is not a machine, each piece of the suture techniques and works will be a little deviation in size, this is the characteristics of manpower production, as an excuse to return, Rebuild, refund, will not be accepted.

2. Because each piece is produced independently, the wax line and its button style and color may vary depending on the material supply, so as not to affect the actual function of the principle, as an excuse to request return, replacement, heavy Made, refund, will not be accepted.

3. Customized products (specially ordered goods)
According to the guests choose the leather or suture production, according to the guests asked to specify the text, according to the requirements of the guests to modify the product design are considered custom orders, Any strange excuse (such as the disappointment of the product did not imagine good, because the post office delivery delay and missed the opportunity to give people, feel not smooth, the color and the computer to see the different photos) request return, replacement, , Will not be accepted.
Origin / manufacturing method
Hand-sewn leather made in Hong Kong


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