Paddle X pops paddle hollow massage comb (black)

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✤ Combing for a full year of fatigue, ushering in the comfort of the new year Good grip, good comb, good health, getting



Paddle X pops paddle hollow massage comb (black)


**German comb-ikoo Paddle X pops paddle hollow massage comb (black)** - German Technology + TCM (Chinese Traditional Medicine) - Easy combing of tangled hair reduces hair loss and hair breaks - The hair brush can press the head point appropriately to help relax the pressure - Effortlessly comb straight out the tangled wet hair just washed - Smooth and fluffy hair without falling flat - Stylish design with texture **Texture upgrade: an indispensable part of life** We ikoo took a lot of thoughts. In addition to making combs that look cool and good looking, I also hope that this comb will be incorporated into my life. I will add grips because some of my friends are still accustomed to combing their hair with a comb with a handle. The comb is better and more powerful. //Where is this comb different? // Also designed according to the traditional concept of acupuncture and has a long and short comb arranged like a chessboard The unique X-type hollow design can play a special role in blowing hair, allowing too much hot air to penetrate through X or spread to other directions, so people no longer suffer from dry hair damage caused by high temperatures during the blowing process. The often blown hair is still healthy, bright and fluffy. When blowing hair, many friends will bring the hair dryer and the comb close together. When the temperature is high, it will easily hurt hair and hair follicles. In addition to the beautiful appearance of the X-shaped hole, the heat can also be ventilated through the hole in the X shape. This X-shape is a bit like putting a wind knife into it. Even if you don't have a hot air blower on the hair dryer, you can put on a seat that you want to shape. Paddle X pops are not made of plastic, but made of high-pressure acrylic and rubber, and the comb will not produce headaches and will not generate static electricity. Paddle X pops will be made square, in addition to X shape, the square design will be closer to the scalp, you can also focus on the hot air, but also slightly insulated. Paddle X pops is also an enhanced version that can withstand the heat of the hair dryer. Although it is a comb, but from the side view of his shape is a curved head that can fit into the head shell, very ergonomic, can take care of the hair follicle part. // Textured aluminum box // //When is it used?// 1. Wash the head, straighten your hair, and comb the wet hair directly without causing the hair to break. 2. When you are tired, pick up the comb and comb the whole head back and forth without any force. Just swish your head back and forth, and your spirit will immediately return. You deserve to have a beautiful comb of fashion //about ikoo// The founder of the ikoo brand is Mr. Christopher and Katrin Von Hallwyl, a couple from Munich, Germany. Christopher is involved in marketing planning (including porsche & LV) often need to go abroad, due to years of work pressure, resulting in headache and headache, headache, after trying head and neck acupuncture massage treatment in the Chinese traditional Chinese medicine to reduce the headache was significantly reduced, the Chinese doctor advised him Every day, he massages his own head and tries to massage with a comb. However, there are no combs designed for acupressure on the market. As a result, Christopher and his wife Katrin decide to develop their own research and create their own R&D center - Beauty Lab GmbH. The hairdressing expert and the Chinese medicine, together with the excellent design team, created the ikoo magic function comb. ▲ ikoo magic function comb design team How to use ikoo: *Slow hair from the forehead to the back of the head * The head hangs down from the neck to the forehead * Hair on both sides of the head against the hair * Head fixed press Recommended daily morning and evening comb 30-50 can help maintain the head Product specifications Material: Advanced Acrylic and Resin Size: 8cm x21cm Outer box: 23cmx10.5cmx4.5cm aluminum Weight: 350g+-5g Contents: Paddle X pops paddle hollow massage comb (black) Ikoo product information 1. The product may have slightly different colors due to the shooting relationship. Actually, the shipment is mainly based. 2. The merchandise situation is used for illustration. Only the main body of the merchandise does not contain other accessories (the comb is shipped with an aluminum outer box). Please use the content of the specification as the main item. 3. ikoo hair comb products are all personal items. Due to hygienic considerations, they cannot be returned once opened. **I hope everyone will love the new experience of combing. !** Product Photo Source /IKOO BRUSH INSTAGRAM Origin / manufacturing methods German Design Producer


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