Baby breast milk soap foundry

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Hair soap master professional breast milk soap system Our soap can wash and wash your face.


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Baby breast milk soap foundry


Do mothers have too much breast milk, but the baby can't finish it, and feel that it is too wasteful to be thrown away. Soapy people can help their mothers to make exclusive breast milk soap, use their precious breast milk and pure vegetable oil to make soap to themselves. The beloved baby and the whole family use, the breast milk is very precious, made into breast milk soap, and the washing feeling is very mild. Not only the baby is very popular with the adults, but also can be used to shampoo. Wash your face. Bathing is great for you! I hope that everyone can feel the happiness of handmade soap! 母 Breast milk soap ordering instructions ★ Customized 1 breast milk soap (120g ± 10g each) for a total of 10 $1350 ★ Soap – Formula / Taste / Color can be discussed (Also can be made by any soap on PINKOI) ★ The order amount will be confirmed again after receiving the order. ★ Low temperature home with breast milk for us – shipping costs are absorbed by moms ★ 1 breast milk soap needs to prepare 350cc breast milk ★ After making the breast milk soap, the shipping fee will be sent to you by us.  About breast milk soap: Q: What is breast milk soap? A: Handmade soap is made by mixing saponification (vegetable oil + pure water + sodium hydroxide + additive), while breast milk soap replaces the pure water with breast milk. Breast milk can make the handmade soap more moisturizing. Q: How long can the breast milk soap last? Can a custom order be broken? A : It is not a problem to save the handmade soap for 18 months! Q: Can breast milk be used as a breast milk soap after a long period of time? A: Yes! Breast milk should be allowed to drink in 3 months after freezing, but if the ice is over 3 months, it can be used as a breast milk soap. If it has been frozen for more than one year, it can still be used for breast milk. Soap! Q: How is my breast milk available to you? A : To write the "dairy" in the name of the frozen house, first pack it in a carton and then send it again. The shipping cost to the breastmilk is paid by the mother! Q: How long does it take to order the soap to get the soap? A: After the preparation of the breast milk soap, it should be placed in the drying soap room to wait for ripening. The soaping period is about 30 days, and the dressing is done after the ripening. Packaging work. Shipment, and before the shipment, will inform the mothers again, please mothers wait patiently. Q. How long does it take to receive breast milk soap after ordering? A: In principle, the production will be arranged within 3 days after receiving the payment and breast milk. On the day of production completion, the customer will be notified by secret to the approximate date of shipment (about 40 days).  The schedule is as follows (for example): Date of manufacture: 2019 / 8 / 1 (received breast milk arrangement process) Maturing date: 2019 / 9 / 1 (30 days drying soap matured) Shipping date: 2019 / 9 / 3 (repair soap / packaging / mailing) If you have any questions, you can still ask questions by private message!


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