Plant Happiness Seed Wedding Small Pieces / Thick Leaf Maple Wood / Custom English Name / Illustrator Edition

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Plant Happiness Seed wedding items, special plastic packaging, paper bags with sewn edge seals. On a happy day, share a green lifestyle.


Plant Happiness Seed Wedding Small Pieces / Thick Leaf Maple Wood / Custom English Name / Illustrator Edition


[Reminder] The content of this product is a seed, which is only sold domestically and cannot be sent abroad! I want to give the guest a special commemoration, but I don't want to increase the burden on the environment? Our seed wedding small series, specially selected Taiwan native plant seeds, Let plants be closer to people's lives, Every successful sapling that is cultivated will make the air better, less dusty and more pleasant. Even if it fails in the process of planting, We believe that the experience of planting can make people more close to nature and more concerned about the benefits of planting trees. This product is from the inside out, the contents and packaging are completely plastic. Even if you accidentally fall to the ground, all the ingredients can be naturally decomposed without causing pollution. Plant Happiness Seed Wedding Small Things, Specially made of non-plastic packaging, using a sewn-sealed paper bag with a botanical illustration drawn by the designer. The content is a thick leaf spotted wood seed, On a happy day, share a green attitude towards life. The dark green packaging echoes the color of the leaves of the grouper. Thick leaf group wood: native to Taiwan, named after the leaves on the back of the leaves, such as groupers. Open small white flowers, can be used as durable flowers. The front side can be customized to print new English names and wedding dates. Please make a note of the name and date you wish to print on your order. Please see here: Qiongya jellyfish seeds: Seed Paper Red Edition: Seed Paper Blue Green Edition: There is a simple plant introduction on the back. There is also a QR code, you can see the seed planting instructions page we have compiled after scanning. The text of the package and the instructions for planting are in Chinese and English. Strictly selected non-plastic and organic materials: - The package uses a sewn paper bag and does not use glue at all (the plastic sheet on the back of the double-sided tape is not consumed during production) - Use Scanfil organic cotton thread - Taiwan native plant seeds: 6 seeds of thick leaf spotted wood in each package. The harvest date of the seeds in the product map is indicated, and the date of harvest for each batch of seeds will be different. Ps will make up the photos of the seeds in a while! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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