Goody Bag - [福袋B] Bracelet 5 Options 3 Offer - Optional Style - Natural Crystal Bracelet

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Blessing bag content: Choose three of the following bracelets: 1. [Moonlight Box] 2. [Elope to the moon] 3. [Girl's Heart Poetry] 4. [Little Prince] 5. [Mermaid]


Goody Bag - [福袋B] Bracelet 5 Options 3 Offer - Optional Style - Natural Crystal Bracelet


Blessing bag content: Choose from three of the following bracelets (optional): 1. [Moonlight Box 6mm version] (Please contact us if you need to select 9mm version) 2. [Elope to the moon] 3. [Girl's Heart Poetry] 4. [Little Prince] 5. [Mermaid] * All blessing bracelets will be packed into the same gift box. If you need to wrap each bracelet separately, you can purchase a shipping difference: -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ **【Hand Size| Size 】** Please use a soft ruler at the thinnest part of your wrist. Do not loosen your wrist around the circle to measure the circumference of your wrist.__not reserve space__yourself. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ **【 Packaging | Packaging 】** * Gift Box X 1 * White crystal degaussing X 1 * German silver glazing cloth (including pure silver accessories) -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ **【 Logistics | Shipping 】** [Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, mainland China]: Shunfeng sent it out and it is expected to arrive in about 5 days after being sent. ___Kong receiving address__ For Hong Kong guests, please provide the address and number of the nearest SF Service Station or SF Express. You can reduce the additional delivery fee of SF, and the delivery speed will be faster. [Other international regions] 1. By default, the international postal registration is used, and it is expected to be delivered within 2-4 weeks (in case of Customs clearance, it will take longer) 2. If you need to use DHL (about 5-9 days), please contact us to pay the shipping price difference. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ **【 Use and maintenance】** 1. Crystal comes from nature, each has different cotton wool, ice cracks, impurities, etc., and there are also small flaws that cannot be polished. These features have become the most direct way to identify whether crystal is natural. When we make it, we will screen the crystals to remove the crystal beads that are not good, but there is no flawless natural crystal in the world. 2. Since the product contains silver accessories, please avoid wearing it when taking a bath, swimming or hot springs. Please remove it and put it back in the dust bag. 3. Pink Laboratory adopts the international standard 925 silver decoration. For example, the silver decoration has a slight oxidation condition when it is in contact with air, water and skin for a period of time. It can be lightly wiped with a silver glazing cloth to restore the luster. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ **【 Crystal Purification** Crystal comes from nature and has its unique magnetic field and energy. After receiving the product, the bracelet can be placed in the degaussing stone provided for purification and degaussing (more preferably 4 hours or more). After purification, the crystal energy is more likely to resonate with the wearer's magnetic field, strengthening the positive energy. If you wear a crystal bracelet to some negative energy, such as hospitals, cemeteries, etc. It is recommended to go home to degaussing and remove the negative energy that the crystal touches. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ **【 Pink Laboratory Pink Made】** "Brand Concept" Life is alive, Whether it is an office worker in the city or a herder on the grassland, There are always life problems that each needs to face. They are all practicing, and no one can escape. We always want to chase happiness, but we forget ourselves in the gains and losses. Ups and downs in life, It is only gradually understood that the peace of mind is more important than happiness. Learn to repair a flat and soft heart, Accept the failures that have been made, forgive the wounds that have been suffered, and reconcile with yourself. Don't be impatient, take your time, Love yourself, Everything will pass. About Pink Laboratory Natural stone has its unique energy and natural charm. We are in the pure land of the plateau, I want to use design to bring a quiet to people and bring the beauty of nature into life. Let us study together, love ourselves, and practice spiritually in our lives. In the day-to-day life, keep a little romantic and poetic. About the Designer A native of Hong Kong, the girl was born in Tibet for 7 years after graduation. Established an independent design studio in the field, Combining traditional culture with modern aesthetics, trying to make good designs, From photography, postcards, hand-to-hand ceremony, to hotels, restaurants, caravans, He has been reported by many Hong Kong and Taiwan media such as "Economic Daily", "Ming Pao", "Traveling to China OR" and "China Tourism".


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