Handmade small tag - custom made (puzzle)

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The engraving content is limited to a cursive uppercase English letter. Be sure to write to us to discuss the engraving content.


Handmade small tag - custom made (puzzle)


[name tag] Small tag can also be ordered separately! Separately ordered small tag will be accompanied by a sterling silver necklace Select the desired size from the drop down menu near "I want to order" Any questions can be discussed with us using the message. [puzzle] Big puzzle that looks like it will never be finished a day of completion It’s been done, it doesn’t matter. Before we finish the puzzle, we will all run around for a piece of small puzzles scattered around. No rigid completion schedule No standard content Just enjoy the process Just celebrate and find a piece of small pieces that can be spelled with the "Life" puzzle! 【size】 Jigsaw about 1.1cm x 1.5cm Silver chain The total length of the 16-inch silver chain is about 41 cm. The total length of the 18-inch silver chain is about 46 cm. [Material] Small tag: 999 sterling silver Necklace: 925 sterling silver [lettering content] The engraving content is limited to a cursive uppercase English letter. Be sure to write to us to discuss the engraving content. [Maintenance method] Sterling silver jewelry is prone to discoloration when exposed to the air for a long time. A piece of silver cloth and a thickened zipper bag will be attached to the jewelry. When the jewelry starts to turn black, you can wipe it with a silver cloth. The oil quality of the human body, the temperature and humidity of survival are all factors that affect the discoloration of silver products; We like to let the jewelry change the luster with the owner's living habits, this is the exclusive color. It is said that if the silver ornaments that are often worn are gradually blackened, it means that the silver is absorbing the bad substances on the body. Necklace products are recommended to be taken off while sleeping, so as to avoid the occurrence of breakage caused by sleeping and pulling. Silver products from PonChi can be returned for maintenance. Just pay for the shipping cost. If you need to repair the goods, please take a photo and confirm the repair amount. 【package】 Simple packaging: thick zipper bag + silver cloth https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1871/29791158587_a3cde4cc42_z.jpg Gift packaging: small bag + carton + thick zipper bag + silver cloth https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1858/44678487012_2dc0a7a0de_z.jpg Before adding the item to the shopping cart, please select the desired packaging method from the drop-down menu next to the item quantity. 【production time】 Since there is only one designer in the studio, we will make the order as soon as possible after receiving the order, but it still takes 13-15 days to ship. After confirming the order content and completing the ordering process, we will inform you of the exact photo completion time according to the order status of the day. Please pay attention to the message. For detailed production days and time for shipping, please use the message to discuss with us before deciding whether to make a decision, so as not to cause you trouble. 【note】 Sterling silver jewelry is handmade and thrown, so each one has some slight differences. Friends who like handmade jewelry are welcome to order. After the jewelry is finished, it will send a photo to confirm the style, and if it is confirmed, it will be sent immediately. [warranty] Necklace works are only guaranteed for the pendant. If there are any problems with the necklace, it can be replaced once within one month after receipt. No warranty will be provided after one month. 【share it】 We like to make jewelry, and we also like to see the photos that we give to us after wearing the jewelry. Share the photo of the guests collected in 2013. If you want to send back your photos, you can send them to us via message. Because the photos on the evaluation are not allowed by you, we will not use them actively. https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1844/30857324428_b80fa74662.jpg [Send China to use international transshipment service] The design museum is temporarily unable to send the work directly to China, and friends who want to order can purchase it through the "International Transfer Service". To determine if you are eligible for the International Transfer Service, please refer to the following website. Any questions can be discussed with us using the message! https://www.pinkoi.com/magz/1fi34z1e


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