MIH Metalworking Jewelery | Embrace Real Embrace who you are Sterling Silver Necklace Sterling Silver necklace

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MIH Jewelry

MIH Metalworking Jewelery | Embrace Real Embrace who you are Sterling Silver Necklace Sterling Silver necklace


**Embrace those who are sterling silver necklaces** 925 Silver Sterling Silver **Design & Inspiration Stories** What happens when MIH Jewelry encounters dolls? From the beginning of a move from the dolls, will never come out of the box to bring MIH designers in front of us, so that we have the honor to witness the first out of the box, witnessed so delicate and delicate micro-young dolls, only to know This is a very powerful doll sculptor KAKIM - kyung-ah kim works. And then MIH team began to abstract and discuss, what kind of jewelry design can play the spirit of this role? The heroine is Hermione Granger, the British writer Joan Catherine Rowling's children's fantasy novel "Leipote" series of debut characters, actress and three core figures One, with Lee Potter and Ron Wensley as a friend. Her identity is a student of Hogwarts Magic and Witchcraft Academy. We found Miaoli in the popular debut in the film, is a very imposing and a little proud of the girls, she is very up and love reading, study magic. When she was ridiculed because of the identity of the Muggle, she faced the identity of their own identity and the impact of the social class, but not so defeated, she was strong and stand for themselves to fight against the vulnerable people. She is an independent smart girl, and sometimes some boys feel fear, even if she and the face of grace between the couple, she still live out their true style! Therefore, MIH to Miaoli magic sticks on the winding of the vine for the inspiration, design this called "Embrace who you are embrace the real" necklace, from thinking to design, until the production and shooting process, we are very touched In Miaoli who saw this trait, and we also hope that every person who knows MIH Jewelry, can embrace the most real of their own, good life from the admission to their own start! MIH Jewelry is based on metal "silver" for the production of material, Not to wax casting or silver clay way, but the direct use of the whole piece of silver to handmade, The metal density of each of us is higher than that of wax casting and silver clay. Directly made of metal to hand more difficult, more time-consuming and laborious. When you have MIH Metalworking jewelry, you will experience the unique and value of goldworking products. Origin / manufacturing method Origin of Taiwan handmade


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