Fantasy creature [Stegosaurus] mountain green / pattern bone plate

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The Stegosaurus zipper bag presents the most beautiful prehistoric creatures, the most elegant gesture!



Fantasy creature [Stegosaurus] mountain green / pattern bone plate


【Wikipedia】 Stegosaurus (scientific name: Stegosaurus) is a type of extinct herbivorous quadruped, a genus of the armored subfamily. The genus is Stegosaurus, derived from Greek στέγος- (stegos-; refers to the roof) and σαῦρος (-sauros; refers to the lizard) [1]. Stegosaurus is one of the most well-known dinosaurs, known for its special bone plates and tail spurs. Stegosaurus is like a tyrannosaurus, a triceratops, and a confusing dragon. It often appears in books, comics, or television or movies. 【design concept】 From the fantasy of science, we find one of the ancient creatures: [Stegosaurus], as one of the animalized shapes of the bag. The most difficult part of this design is the four branches of the Stegosaurus, the back bones and the four tails. These details are not replaced by ready-made materials. So we thought of using [zipper] as the raw material, first make one part (forefoot, hind foot, bone plate, tail thorn, etc.) and then assemble it on the body. [Sword Dragon's Head] We refer to the concept of origami, combined with the unique roundness of curvature after the fabric is bent, let the front end adduct, the rear end bulge, and then fold to the fixed side, and enter the junction of the body and the head. And the use of the chain teeth to support the shape of the outer edge of the head, just in the mouth part of the chain teeth, also subtly become the teeth of the sword dragon. [Sword Dragon's bone plate] We use a zipper cloth to wrap around with a single side, the part with insufficient area in the middle, and then fill the edge of the same color. The bone plates on both sides are arranged in the order of "small from small" and then "large and small". The length of the exposed bone plate and the respective positions are also configured according to the same logic as above. [Front dragon's forefoot] is different from the hind foot. Compared with the hind foot, it is shorter and more detailed. We use a zipper to wrap around it. Here we also use the concept of origami. In addition, I was afraid that the support force of the front side single-strip tape was not enough. We folded the second piece of cloth tape to make it thicker, so that the support of the front foot on the ground was more stable. The small corner of the front foot in the front of the foot, in the shape of the claws / feet. [Sword Dragon's hind foot] is different from the front foot. The back foot is relatively thick and thick. We use two zippers to form a piece, and then twist it into the three-dimensional shape we want. Because the body of the zipper bag has a height difference, so The size of the two hind legs is also different from the height difference. Each of the hind legs is supported by two sprocket teeth, and the stability of standing on the ground is greatly improved. [Steel Dragon's Tail] The tails of the four Stegosaurus are formed by one pinch. Although it is a part that does not occupy a large proportion of space, it is indeed the most important part. Let us not be sloppy, complete one by one, and assemble it to the position of the tail of the Stegosaurus. To make a stegosaurus, it takes about 3 to 4 hours. Other masters can't do it, only one of our specific masters has a way to make it. The price we sell is not cheap, it may make this design difficult to sell, or can not make money on it. But this design is very beautiful, we like it very much. It's like the art we used to sculpt the zipper as a raw material, so even if the price is not close to the people, we want to let everyone see, even a seemingly cheap material such as a zipper can be recreated such a superb biological shape. . That is the childlike interest of our adults. When we were young, we were eager for the ancient creatures. We used zippers to re-engrave! 【size】 Height: 12.5 cm Bottom width: 7 cm Bottom length: 6 cm Overall length: 18 cm Weight: 0.06 kg Material: body zipper: polyester (polyester fiber) Hardware: Zinc Alloy / Iron Electroplating Green Gus Color: (body) green, light green (bone plate) orange, black (tail thorn) gray • washable • Can be pulled open to become a zipper rope. • Can hold a variety of small things (change, headphone cable, condom, portable charger) • Please read the shopping tips before purchasing. • Because of the hand-stitched goods, each product looks slightly different • Because it is a zipper-in-one design, the left and right sides of each Stegosaurus are asymmetrical, which is a normal design.


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