Bitplay light travel bag backpack & mobile phone bag

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Bitplay light travel bag backpack & mobile phone bag


Universal plug-in system, large, medium and small packages with you Adopting the design of the general military regulation plug-in system, the development of the light travel series package: Backpack, cross-body bag, mobile phone bag. The sling bag or mobile phone bag on the big bag hang buckle can be used not only as an extra pocket for the back pack, but also can be removed according to the requirements. The buckle on the strap will become the second carry-on bag for you to take off the big baggage and walk outside. packet. Side pockets, one shoulder and one hand One large zipper opening to the main inner bag, two on the front and bottom. Let you carry your belongings quickly with one shoulder. The front double pockets are also a great place to temporarily store bitplay accessories, each pocket just fits into your lens carrying case, or even the entire set of mobile phones with HD lenses installed, light and fast, ready to capture for you The next beautiful moment. Free adjustment envelope The light travel package can freely adjust different package types. Adjustable straps on the side, elastically adjust the thickness and capacity of the bag, load 20 liters under normal conditions, and easily fit into the equipment for three days and two nights. When you need to load more things temporarily, just loosen the top buckle and pull out the waterproof layer of the top soft bag to increase the space to a maximum of 24 liters. The soft bag can also prevent the zipper from immersing in rain when it is normally wound. Smart straps and multiple buckles are the secrets of a small load of backpacks, but they still maintain a good looking package. If you don't have enough, you can sort out the same good-looking backpack, which has both functional and casual style. Multiple interlayers inside and outside, debris second positioning The light travel series rear backpack has a variety of internal and external mezzanine, including 9 large mezzanines, 15 吋 shockproof pen electrical interlayer, side double pockets, etc., to help quickly locate debris, regardless of computer, documents, books, clothing, water bottles, headphones , mobile phone... The size and volume of the messy private goods need a variety of storage to meet their needs, not afraid of a single inner bag in a haystack. Independent damping interlayer The light travel series rear backpack is designed with an independent shock absorbing mezzanine, which can be used to put down 15 吋 MAC notebooks and can also be used as files. Original CORDURA® 1000D A good partner to explore your adventure, high strength and wear resistance is a must. The light travel series package is widely used in the high-end military products of the US original CORDURA® 1000D high-strength nylon fabric, which has good wear resistance, tear resistance, water repellency, light weight, stable color and long-term use. Easy to change color, easy to clean and many other advantages. Most of the general models only use 500D denier, but in order to give you the best, we use a higher strength 1000D but lightweight high-profile, durable and the body of the cross-body bag is only 258g lightweight. Decompression and breathable carrying design, long back is not tired The back of the light travel bag and the inside of the strap are made of mesh breathable layer, the surface is matched with foam cushioning material, and the ergonomic strap design makes your back back comfortable. Product specifications Name: bitplay light travel bag backpack & mobile phone bag Size: Large: 33x 18 x 42 cm / Small: 19 x 14 x 5 cm Weight: 660 grams (±10%) in a large section 124 grams (±10%) Content: Backpack x 1 Mobile Phone Pack x 1 Material: CORDURA® 1000D - Features: ・Universal hanging strip design - free expansion of the carrier ・Key cache hook ・Side-open design (front double pockets and main inner pocket) - Quickly remove inner bag items when carrying a single shoulder ・Independent shock-absorbing interlayer - can be used to put down a 15-inch MAC notebook, or as a file placement ・Adjust the straps on both sides - not only make the bag shape, but also adjust the thickness and capacity of the package more intelligently. ・Relieved Breathable Back Pad & Strap - Easy load, long back is still comfortable ・Retract the strap of the strap - Collapse the extra adjustment strap and make it more sleek ・Top ring - Lift the bag type, it will not make the bag unbalanced forward when loading heavy objects ・Removable and adjustable chest strap ・Small bag with independent diagonal strap other instructions The color is slightly different, which is subject to the actual color. More information: The color of real products will be slightly different form the website through your monitor. Made in Taiwan, hand-sewn


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