Good auspicious day HAO life_four seasons sugar bowl under the eaves (with spoon)

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The simple and design-like appearance is hand-fired by the master Yingge ceramics to enrich your tea time.



Good auspicious day HAO life_four seasons sugar bowl under the eaves (with spoon)


/Product desciption/ "Four Seasons under the Eaves" is a series of coffee utensils, belonging to the smell of coffee savoured in this land. Coffee culture came from the West, took root in Taiwan, and quietly spread to the local appearance. Coffee, like tea, has become a daily recipe for many Taiwanese. This series uses pottery as the main material, ranging from hot and cold coffee cups to hand-made utensils and peripheral accessories. The details of the hand-crafted feeling and the natural glaze color performance of the terracotta firing reflect that coffee is not a craft full of hand-feeling temperature; Added an authentic interpretation of the Taiwanese sense of life. The four seasons are uninterrupted days, the space under the eaves is home, and the flowing life is accompanied by the stability of coffee. Drinking coffee is not only about taste, but the experience of five senses and atmosphere. The simple and quiet style and touch make people watch and use it as if the time has slowed down, and calmly taste the mellow taste in the cup. /brand introduction/ "Good Lucky Day" is a new brand based on the local spirit of Taiwan to provide consumers with a happy, beautiful, relaxed and happy life. It not only provides the practical functions of daily necessities, but also provides consumers with the benefits of products. Interaction and dialogue. These interactions and dialogues come from products and people, space and life. Because of the existence of beautiful products, it is our expectation to fill consumers' lives with happiness, joy and good mood. Therefore, "There are good things", "Good luck and good day, happy room" is the new life experience that good luck will pass to consumers. /about the author/ Zhuang Ruihao and Lu Naiyun, both born in August, returned to Taiwan after completing their studies in Japan to establish the "Two August Biaugust". At the beginning, graphic design was the main creative medium. Since 2007, they have begun to step into product design and establish their own brands. August is not only a provider of design, but also a provider of life experience and life philosophy. "Life and emotion" has always been the core idea of creation, and the possibility between people and design is sought through various creative media. The art window created under the invitation of Hermès in 2011 opened up the design breadth of the two Augusts. Under the multi-directional attempts and challenges, they stepped into fashion, furnishings, space design and art, and because of this, they are very concerned about design. Show unique insights and thinking. /Product Information/ Size: sugar cup Φ75 x H72 mm/table spoon Φ20 x W75 mm Capacity: 150ml Material: clay, cork (cover) Glaze color: sugar cup-matt glaze / spoon-no glaze Place of Origin: Taiwan / Yingge **/About returns/** **★ For those who apply for return due to non-commodity defects during the 7-day appreciation period (the defective part needs to be confirmed with the design hall), the shipping cost of the product and the return shipping cost of the returned product shall be borne by the buyer; the actual refund amount will be deducted The shipping fee (ranging from RMB 50-110) to the design hall, please make sure to confirm whether the product specifications meet the requirements before purchasing.** /Use and maintenance methods/ ★ General cleaning is sufficient. It is recommended to manually clean and use soft sponge scrubbing. Do not use iron brushes or harder cleaning tools to maintain the life of the pottery. ★ If there is coffee stains or tea stains, it is recommended to use natural baking soda powder to scrub with a sponge. ★ Due to the design and firing method, the bottom part of the utensil is made of unglazed clay. It is recommended to wipe it dry or upside down or hang it after cleaning. ★ It can be used in microwave ovens, but only at medium and low temperature, not in ovens. ★ Ceramics are fragile products, please avoid strong collisions. /Precautions/ ★ Good auspicious day pottery products are fired with clay and glaze. The black spots on the surface are the natural and unique appearance of the iron and minerals in the soil after high temperature firing. ★ Part of the manual process, non-mechanized neatness, natural hand-made traces will produce flow glaze, pull glaze and air spots, the surface appearance and color of each work will be slightly different, which is also the charm and personality of pottery. ★ In the production process of pottery, there will be slight differences due to factors such as weather, kiln temperature, green body and chemical reactions during high-temperature firing, such as small bubbles︑black spots︑pinholes, etc. This part is normal. . ★ During the kiln firing process, the clay will produce natural ice cracking, that is, there will be fine cracks on the surface; as the use time increases, natural glaze cracks will occur. This is a normal phenomenon and a unique feature of pottery products. ★ The above items will not have any impact on the use, please rest assured, you can accept the order before placing the order. /Quality Specification/ ★ According to the drawings confirmed by both parties and two August quality judgment standards. ★ Due to the slight color difference in the shooting, the pictures are for reference only, and the colors are subject to the actual received goods. /Precautions for overseas delivery/ ★Due to laws and regulations in Mainland China, except for personal items, which can be sent to your home address, the other items can only be sent to a company, store or school office. Please confirm that the destination can be a company before placing an order.


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