[The United States brings back Western antique jewelry] American brand Napier vintage earrings clip-on earrings

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This is the "Angel Wings" earrings from Boston, the American brand Napier in the 1980s. They are in good condition and are almost brand new~


[The United States brings back Western antique jewelry] American brand Napier vintage earrings clip-on earrings


Napier’s "Angel Wings" earrings have a large hollow design, which brings out a great sense of art. It will not feel uncomfortable to wear~ I will not feel pain in the ear after wearing it all day~~ Very suitable for wearing to exhibitions, art galleries or some ceremonies ◎The story of the brand Founded in 1920, the Napier company began to produce men’s watches for sale in 1882. After 1920, it officially used the name Napier to sell jewelry. It has a very important position in the vintage and antique jewelry industry. Its design style in the 1930s There are many European Victorian Revival design elements, ancient Egyptian civilization, traditional totems and French decorative arts and other elements to design. By the 1950s, its style changed to simple, floral design and modern art style, and it continued to lead the European and American fashion circles. Its brand design The style elements are diverse and strong, and animal elements are used to design, so many retro fans love this brand deeply and are vying to collect it. In 1999, Napier was acquired by Victoria & Company, so earrings engraved with Napier became scarce and its collection value became higher and higher. ● Mark: Napier ● It was about 1980's ● Commodity source: United States ● Size: 4 cm ● Material: Alloy 【Purchase Notes】 1. Our antiques and retro pieces are 100% old objects from the United States in the last century, from the 1940s to the 1990s. Some of them are well-preserved and look like brand new, but many have traces of time. If you request "new" products Please do not subscript! 2. The moderator currently lives in the United States, so our sources are all in cooperation with antique jewelry stores in the United States or private collections passed down by American families. The goods are disinfected in accordance with the professional standards of antique stores, and we have professional ultrasound The instrument is cleaned and cleaned again with soda water and alcohol, and replaced with new ear plugs or ear pads, hoping to give our guests the best wearing experience. 3. If you have any detailed questions, or need to see more photos, please contact the designer, we will try our best to give the most detailed information and photo details. 4. The photo was taken in natural light, without too much retouching, but it may be different from what is displayed on the screen. You can check with us repeatedly before buying whether it meets your requirements. 5. Opening offer: Every purchase will give a retro gift from time to time. If you click like on Facebook or IG fans, you will enjoy a discount of 100. 6. Proceeds from the merchandise of this mall will be donated to the project for disadvantaged women in India.


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