Southern Orange Enzyme Beauty Soap

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Both natural orange enzyme and pumpkin can effectively clean old dead skin cells, leaving skin whiter and brighter


Southern Orange Enzyme Beauty Soap


Taken from daily life, use pumpkin puree into soap with fruit enzymes. Its activity can decompose the surface oil of the skin, achieve deep cleansing, and effectively clean old dead skin cells. The natural vitamin E and sesamin in sesame oil have excellent moisturizing effects. "Ingredients": EV cold-pressed olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, rice bran oil, shea butter, NaOH, enzymes "Essential Oils": sweet orange essential oil, bergamot essential oil, patchouli essential oil "Additives": Pumpkin "Weight": 110g+-10 "Use": bathing, washing face [Applicable skin]: Suitable for all skin types .................................... ▪️The whole process is made of natural vegetable oil by cold method to avoid damage to the nutrients of the oil itself, and the soaping period of 45 to 60 days, the pH value reaches the usable state, and it can be used after maturation ▪️No added petrochemical surfactants, preservatives, fixatives... and other harmful skin substances ▪️Use natural essential oils, no artificial flavors...refuse environmental hormones ▪️The color of the handcraft itself is the color produced by using natural mineral powder or flower soaking oil. No artificial coloring is added, so fading is normal ▪️Oil+NaOH+Water=Jan+Glycerin. The process of making handmade soap produces a colorless, odorless and clear liquid called glycerin. Glycerin has excellent hydrophilicity and moisturizing properties to help the skin retain moisture. ▪️With the original intention of being natural, environmentally friendly and not polluting the environment ~ Handmade soap is naturally decomposed into water and carbon dioxide after use, and does not pollute aquatic organisms and the environment "Precautions" ☑️Everyone has different skin conditions and different skin sensitivity. It is recommended to try it locally if there is no discomfort before applying it to face and body skin ☑️Taiwan has a humid climate. It is recommended to store unopened handmade soap in a cool and dry place to avoid deterioration ☑️It is recommended to keep the soap body dry in the process of using handmade soap, and avoid prolonged soaking in water to cause softness. ☑️For health considerations, we use natural essential oils without adding artificial flavors. Natural essential oils will gradually fade with the longer the soap is in contact with the air, which is a natural phenomenon. So our soap does not have a strong flavor! ☑️Handmade soap is a cleaning product ************************ Handmade soap is a daily necessities in life, not special but can bring many good things in life. The use of handmade soap does not add chemical surfactants, it also reduces the damage to the skin, so that the skin can restore its self-repair ability and restore the healthy skin essence. Using handmade soap into the environment can be naturally decomposed within 24 hours, will not cause harm to the land we live in, and will not pollute aquatic life and the environment. Using handmade soap to reduce the packaging of plastic bottles and cans, more than 8 million tons of plastic waste flows into the sea every year, threatening the marine ecology and environment. A small life habit has caused great damage to the environment~ Change your life habit and reduce plastic life from the small things in life~


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