Dark red three-dimensional twist long skirt dress cashmere sweater cashmere sweater

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"The material is soft and skin-friendly, does not puncture or itch, and has excellent warmth! A cashmere sweater that can be used as a base or a multi-layer sweater."


Dark red three-dimensional twist long skirt dress cashmere sweater cashmere sweater


⇢ .gif animation https://media.giphy.com/media/pFjo64BcEFry4LRac1/giphy.gif **|Shoulder 54 Sleeve 78 Chest 49 Hem 43 Length 82 cm** **|100% cashmere** **|Good elasticity, good warmth, comfortable, soft and not irritating** **|Mid-wide round neck, overall three-dimensional twist weave, cuffs and hem rib design** ✔ Madou 153/49 ✔ 100% actual shooting The actual photos of Madou in this store are only a rough comparison between real people and clothes. Please check whether the product size is satisfactory If you want to try different styles or personal characteristics, please focus on your own preferences ✔ Before buying, if you have any questions about your size, product style, body shape, etc., Customer service will provide detailed and complete opinions to reduce the chance of impulsive purchases, It is recommended to subscribe after confirmation. You are welcome to write to customer service for questions. ✔ Vintage goods are not new replicas, and the quantity of goods is limited It is inevitable that there will be traces of time. If there are serious defects, they will be marked and attached. ✔ All products are shot under natural light source, each computer shows how much color difference The size markings are for one-sided flat quantity, please confirm whether it fits If you have any questions before buying, please ask questions, and the goods will not be returned or exchanged. ✔ The products sold in this mall are second-hand modern and vintage products. A few early new stock items, vintage items are not brand new replicas, The new inventory status is a brand new product that was made early and no one has ever used. All items are sorted, sorted and sold. How to store, maintain and wash cashmere sweater? How to store it? It turns out that the way to hang sweaters is also a knowledge! https://youtu.be/fSacCgQkfa8 cashmere sweater Is cashmere wool sent to professional dry cleaning? Can I wash myself at home? Water temperature and strength master the details? Provide reference for petty bourgeois girls or girls at home https://youtu.be/PyBj0J5vpHk All rights reserved, reprint must be investigated


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