Lady dog ​​& bones pendant with wax wrist strap

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Lady dog ​​& bones pendant with wax wrist strap


Product Name: ~ Stereo Print ~ Lady Dog (Charm) & Bone Wax Belt ************** Brand Introduction: ~ Seed by mi is a 100% original brand in Hong Kong, the product by the design / computer modeling / printing model / production / processing, are their own production, there is no outgoing, authentic original + technology + craft works. The main creation of pet jewelry, small hair child gave all the love ❤ ️ like a family of children. But often in the market is difficult to find custom pet accessories. Seed by mi has a variety of styles to choose from; customers can also provide photos, private custom your pet. Many people make pet accessories, because they miss their pets. When they received the goods, they were very grateful. Also because of this, Seed by mi understand that they made the pet shape, not just an ornament, but also a love of a miss and comfort. ************** Make a short film: ~ material: PLA (corn gluten) is extracted from the corn, when returned to the land encountered bacteria, can self-decomposition. ************** Dog strap: ~ Code: fine Color: Gray Silver Bone: ~ Code: (Free) only one code Color: White ************** Dog dress color selection: - White - black - gray silver ** Please specify when ordering ************** Wax strap can be adjusted by their own length, suitable for different people to wear Wax hand color selection: camel / sapphire blue / red / ivory white ************** [Plastic] 1) strap size - fine / medium two options (different prices) 2) Hand straps - Leather / Wax Two options (different prices) Note !!!!!! customer plastic project, please order before ordering! ************** There are a variety of dogs to choose: 1. Poodle 2. Collie dog 3. Corgi (Corgi) 4. Pekingese 5. Dachshund (Dachshund) 6. Golden Retriever (Golden Retriever) 7. Pugs (Pugs) 8. Yorkshire Terrier 9. Shiba Inu 10. Charles Charles (King Charles) 11. Boston Terrier 12. Schnauzer 13. Bichon (Bichon) 14. Squirrel dog (Pomeranian) 15. Beagle (Beagle) 16. French Bull Dog (French Bull Dog) 17. Bernese Mountain Dog 18. Butterfly (Papillon) 19. Chihuahua ************** Every work is booked before making it Made about 7 to 14 days, and then sent ************** About shipping and fee: - Free shipping in Asia. Hong Kong Post Ping / Airmail, no mail tracking service, buyers do not bear the risk of loss. The number of shipping days varies from country to country, please check with the country post office at the location. - Please refer to the international shipping schedule for other areas to find the country and the required postage. Hong Kong Post Ping / Airmail, no mail tracking service, buyers do not bear the risk of loss. The number of shipping days varies from country to country, please check with the country post office at the location. - No matter what country is delivered, the Hongkong Post Ping / Airmail shipment may also be required to be "registered" at an additional payment of HKD $ 15.5 - Hong Kong / Macau / Taiwan can choose SF Express, freight to pay. Goods to the courier company will immediately notify the seller, the seller can be courier number, to SF Express website, self-check express situation. - If requested by other courier companies (such as: SF Express / DHL etc.), please call the message before ordering, freight will be charged separately. - If you do not mention the country you want to serve, please contact us before ordering. If you do not mention the place you want to send, please message inquiries ************** Origin / manufacturing method 100% Made in Hong Kong / US Machinery & Technology / Dutch Materials


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