With money (chai) short practice

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Necklace model with wealth series, a sterling silver chain is passed through a firewood, and the firewood is flipped and rolled on the chain, which is more symbol of money rolling! There are two different visual effects to choose from, the pure silver and


With money (chai) short practice


"Product Specifications" Material: 925 silver Specifications: Firewood about 2 cm in size "Chain Length Recommendation" https://i.imgur.com/PRv4ViP.png The chain can be selected according to body shape ↓ S: 1.3 feet (39 cm)-tall / slim / small fit M: 1.4 feet (42 cm)-medium in shape L: 1.5 feet (45 cm) ---- rounder shape "Silver Maintenance" ◆ When wearing, try not to wear it with other precious metals at the same time, so as to avoid collision deformation or abrasion, which will cause scratches. ◆ Never approach the hot spring. ◆ When not wearing, please put it in the attached jewellery chain bag to keep the silver jewelry dry. ◆ Everyday wear is the best maintenance method for silver jewelry. The natural luster of silver jewelry is produced by the body oil. "Shopping instructions and after-sales service" ‣ Commodity photos are taken from real products. Each person's 3C product display screen is different, and there will be slight color difference. 说明 Error description: ▲ In order to maintain the temperature of the hand-made products, hand-made products have unique hand-made marks on the products. The product photos are the first samples. The production is made in the same style, so some slight errors are normal. ▲ Due to different personal measurement tools and feelings, there will be some errors in the size. Any size problems after receiving can be fine-tuned for you. Management. ‣ Most of the products are made to order, and there is only one producer. The production will be arranged according to the order of the store and the Internet. Your estimated working hours. ‣ Because the products are mostly order-made, there is no return and recycling service after the sale. ‣ Hehe jewelry uses only natural gems and precious metals (14k / 18k / sterling silver). 宝石 Natural gemstones have their own growth texture, inclusions and chroma, which are natural symbols, so each gemstone has its own unique characteristics. Sign. ‣ The product enjoys life-long maintenance service. (The gem part is not covered by the warranty) ‣ Once the product is sold, you can enjoy 1 free plating and maintenance; 1 free change (± 1), the metal fee will be charged from the 2nd. 费用 Follow-up maintenance and maintenance costs: 1000 plating changes / 300 plating maintenance / 150 welding repairs, and other repairs are subject to the condition of the objects Evaluate the offer separately. ‣ The product comes with a box bag, a thick version of the chain bag, and a silver cloth. Hehe Jewelry Repair Shop Located in Datong Road, Hsinchu City (near Dongmen Market), the second generation of jewellery started business independently. Hsinchu's first jewellery factory dedicated to precious metal jewellery. Reconstruct the long-cherished treasures at hand, refurbish and customize the design with bare stones. Address: 1F, No. 69, Datong Road, Hsinchu City Opening hours: am11: 00 ~ pm19: 00 (Closed on Sundays) "Service Items-Only Revision K Gold, Platinum, Sterling Silver Products" ‣ Sale of silver jewelry / precious metal jewelry 裸 Bare stone sale 更改 Change of Circumvention 保养 Plating maintenance (use rhodium solution for jewelry to prevent allergies) ‣ Welding renovation (fire welding / laser spot welding) / Diamond / colored gem setting ‣ Refurbishment of old tables 戒 Wedding rings / pair rings (all use GIA diamonds, other colored natural stones can also be used) 一日 Silversmithing One-day Experience Course / Professional Course https://live.staticflickr.com/4815/30882366527_6ce259ccb0.jpg


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