Key card pack for a light out father's day Valentine's Day

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Key card package key has a leisure card with a refill a banknote to go anywhere



Key card pack for a light out father's day Valentine's Day


Key card package Simple appearance, easy to store Throw into the bag, not afraid of the key to scratch the phone Go home and find Use it for a long time Material: vegetable tanned cowhide, iron copper plated key row Color: raw leather, dark brown, wide black Size: 7.5 cm wide and 11 cm long Capacity: card layer x2, key position x6 Most recommended color: dark brown Custom typing (English uppercase, &, numbers, eight characters) Single size 3mm x 2mm feature of product: 1. Manually cut, select the applicable parts, and do not put the material in the first place. 2. Own color ratio, brushless staining, retaining the original leather grain pores and growth marks. 3. Hand-stitching, using Japanese twine, the angle and tightness between the line and the line, do not worry about the firmness. 4. The production process takes care of the maintenance. The leather oil can increase the use time and softness of the leather. The fixing ability does not allow the color to fall off, and the rough surface on the back makes the user comfortable and clean. 5. After-sales service, where there is a need to repair after use, you can take it back to the studio and try your best to provide repairs to the guests. 6. Despite the inconsistencies in hand-made goods, the brand strictly controls the difference between hand and feel. * Accepting the case of custom-made goods and foundry services, and also welcome cross-border cooperation between different brands to launch joint-name products. Precautions: *Products are hand-dyed and may not be identical for each product due to the climate and the characteristics of each cowhide. * Real cowhide is like our skin. During the growth process, it will produce natural traces such as lines, scratches and insect bites. We will use suitable parts to make goods. Please trust the designer. * In case of water, please use a paper towel to dry it and put it in a cool place. Do not bake and expose to the sun. * Use is the best maintenance, no special oiling. If it has not been used for a long time, you need to place a dry touch to avoid mildew and occasional oil maintenance. (The oil is maintained at the time of shipment and can be used directly upon receipt) * If you are very worried about scratching or discoloration when using it, it is not recommended to buy. This is the real thing of vegetable tanned leather, which is a very charming place for me. *Customized products may not be returned on the grounds that the supermarket has not picked up the goods. After the goods are placed, the goods cannot be returned. *If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly! I will try my best to answer you, thank you. Taiwan production Handmade


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